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  1. bill cooksey

    Old Refuge Arkie Video

    Some good old stuff.
  2. bill cooksey

    Retroactive Abortion

    Why don’t we legalize abortion to the age of majority? It’s legal to kill an unborn (barely born in some states) child if the mother finds it inconvenient. Why not a poorly performing 12 year old? Can’t afford that daycare, take out the toddler. My child my choice. #mychildmychoice
  3. bill cooksey

    Ammo PSA

    Local Academy had several cases of these for $129.99. Almost 50% higher than three seasons ago, but still an affordable shell.
  4. bill cooksey

    Wall Tent as Duck Camp

    Several of our western members, and at least one moderator, have a lot of experience with wall tents. We’re considering buying one to use as a duck camp down here, but the only experience any of us have are a few nights as guests out west. First, and really primary, concern is whether leaving...
  5. bill cooksey

    BOSS 2.5? ***ry?

    Friend of my wife lost her husband a few years back, and she’s finally clearing out drawers. I was pretty excited the main surplus included 28 gauge and .270 ammo. The concern is I’m told he loved to reload, and the BOSS 2.5 label on the .270 ammo makes me wonder if it’s something else. Any ideas?
  6. bill cooksey

    Duck Camp Pics

    With teal and goose opening in the states and everything opening in Canada, let’s post up some duck club pics. I just pulled in to my first duck camp of the season.
  7. bill cooksey


    Can’t help but feel bad for Scott Frost and the fans.
  8. bill cooksey

    House Push to Repeal Pittman-Robertson

    Posted this in the political forum, but wanted to put it here since it is a hunting issue. HR 8167 isn’t being talked about much, but it’s horrible legislation for our wildlife resources and for every hunter, shooter and angler. It would repeal the biggest source of conservation funding in the...
  9. bill cooksey

    Sometimes Republicans are Wrong

    HR 8167 isn’t being talked about much, but it’s horrible legislation for our wildlife resources and for every hunter, shooter and angler. It would repeal the biggest source of conservation funding in the world, and it would move our chair away from the table in conservation decision making...
  10. bill cooksey

    Steel Turkey Load

    I read a lot of posts here saying steel is now just as effective as lead. Since that’s the case, I’m thinking about ditching the 20 and going back to the 12 because my favorite nontoxic 20 gauge loads have been discontinued three times over the years. With that in mind, my favorite turkey load...
  11. bill cooksey

    Tasteful Success Pics

    We often hear people suggest we should be cautious to take tasteful shots after a successful hunt so as not to alienate non hunters. I’m trying to do my part to document without showing dead game. How about you?
  12. bill cooksey

    What's Up Mick?

    Where you been, bruh?
  13. bill cooksey

    Jim Ronquest Talks Turkey

    If you think you’re seeing a decline in turkeys in your area, you probably are.
  14. bill cooksey

    Conversation with Jimbo

    I only share one of our podcasts here when I think several of you will find it interesting. I think this one with Jim Ronquest is one of my favorites. Good conversation about ducks, turkeys, Turkeys for Tomorrow, RNTV and Jim’s move to Drake Waterfowl.
  15. bill cooksey

    Job Opening in LA

    Enough folks here have asked questions about my work that I thought it might just be worth posting a position we have open. It is a Louisiana position, but the successful candidate will still sometimes have the immense pleasure of working with me...
  16. bill cooksey

    Job Opening in Louisiana

    If y'all know of anyone interested in working with hunters and fishermen on conservation and restoration issues in Louisiana, please forward this link to them...
  17. bill cooksey

    GO-DEVIL/Warren Coco Podcast

    Just released a podcast featuring Coco. Figured a few might want to listen.
  18. bill cooksey

    Warren Coco Podcast

    Thought some of y'all would be interested in this podcast we just released with Warren Coco.
  19. bill cooksey

    What Y'all Cooking?

    Might as well get another going. Backstrap and Poso Creek Beans
  20. bill cooksey

    Washington State Ducks?

    A coworker of mine mentioned she was going on a vacation in Washington over the Christmas holidays. She, and her family, are all big duck hunters so I asked if ducks were on the agenda. Like a lot of LA folks, they had no idea the state offered good duck hunting and said they'd love to try to...