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    Time for a new gun

    A very fine gun! Love mine
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    Need some prayers guys.

    Keep the faith, miracles do happen all the time. Prayers are on the way
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    How a duck hunter thinks...

    What I always said, they would aid in recovery of the body, not many people would survive a "swim" this time of year
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    On the Bench in 2022

  6. metalworx

    2022 Hunting Dog Pictures!

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    Gentlemen,please raise a glass and toast the passing of a good dog.

    To Diesel, cheers and may you rest in peace. To Wingman, my sincerest condolences
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    Bird Flu

    I was just texted a correction, 169 geese yesterday picked up at Baldwin lake, no seagulls or blue herons.
  9. metalworx

    Bird Flu

    Was told the site people at Baldwin lake picked up 147 dead geese, seagulls, and blue herons yesterday.
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    Retriever Does It Again

    Nailed it!
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    Bird Flu.

    Evidently it has reached southern Illinois now. Dead snow geese are being reported at both major lakes, (Rend and Carlyle), and at other locations around the area
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    Rebuild/Refit of 2004 Lowe 1860 Roughneck VPT and Lowe (Yacht Club) Trailer

    Nice! You did a helluva of a good job "rebuilding" your boat!
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    Kinda what I was thinking.....
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    Mounting interior LED lights -- they just don't hold.

    That right there is a likely culprit.....everything is cold, adhesive works better on warm surfaces for initial bonding
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    I wish someone had told me.....

    I wish I had more pictures when I started with my dad and grandpa. My advice is take pics from every hunt, they are priceless memories for that young man!
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    New Maxus 2 wicked wing. Choke/ammo

    I'm shooting a Carlson Cremator mid range and Browning wicked wing 3" 1¼oz #2 shells and having very good results with this combination. 28" barrel also
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    What I think about duck hunting

    Not sure 10X even covers it!!!
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    Reputable Rem gun parts dealer ?

    Why I retired my 11-87 at the end of last season and bought a Browning Maxus 2. Shot Remington's for 34 years. Now time to move on
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    Tracker Grizzly T Sportsman?

    I'll throw Alweld boats in the mix here. Bought a new one in 2016 and to date have had zero issues with it
  20. metalworx

    Tracker Grizzly T Sportsman?

    Get what makes YOU happy! Don't worry about what everyone else thinks. If you like the Tracker then by all means get it. YOU are the one using it, no one else

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