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  1. Pool_12_RiverRat

    Youth Waterfowl Hunt

    Goose Pond or Hovey Lake are your better bets for a draw site. See the Covid rules on drawing this year:
  2. Pool_12_RiverRat

    St. Louis DU chapter

    The DU Regional Director for eastern MO is Todd Carlton: [email protected]
  3. Pool_12_RiverRat

    Waterfowl Open house info

    While that north duck/central goose zone around the southeast suburbs is a point of discussion, I believe the bigger reason for the fourth zone was to establish the south-central zone. It was to place Carlyle and Rend in the same zone to help spread out the hunters and reduce...
  4. Pool_12_RiverRat

    Alton Pool Hunters, Mississippi river

    Did you mean "Ryan Swearingin"? If so, he's a biologist and not an engineer at the Corps. Just an FYI, he may not be the person you need to talk to about ramp maintenance.
  5. Pool_12_RiverRat

    Season dates

    The regs are set on 5-yr. rotations now for all MS Flyway states per federal regulations. So, you only get to move dates and zone lines every 5 years.
  6. Pool_12_RiverRat

    Aluminum Welder Suggestions?

    I'm more than willing to travel down to the Evansville/Mt. Vernon area for a good welder.
  7. Pool_12_RiverRat

    Aluminum Welder Suggestions?

    Does anybody have a recommendation on a good Al welder in the greater Bloomington area? I've got a cracked rib in the bottom of my jon boat, and I'd like to get it reinforced/fixed before duck season. Obviously, somebody that does Al is needed, and work on boats is preferred. Thanks in advance.
  8. Pool_12_RiverRat

    Teal Season

    This was one of the poorer teal seasons I've had. Hunted good spots and thought I had good weather, but we saw more mallards than teal this year.
  9. Pool_12_RiverRat

    Silosocks decoys - you like them?

    :clap :clap :clap I've got both snows and Canadas, and I like 'em both. I'm actually thinking about getting some mallards too. They are super lightweight, which is perfect if you gotta hike a spread into a muddy field. We've used them at the "top end" of our field spreads to add that much...
  10. Pool_12_RiverRat

    Michigan Waterfowl and DNR

    Having lived, worked, and attempted to duck hunt in Michigan for years, I wouldn't equate a nice website to quality duck hunting :l
  11. Pool_12_RiverRat

    2014 Waterfowl Regulations Set

    The bonus 2 BWT are being given in-lieu of an official "early teal season" (which would normally occur in Sept.) for some production states, such as North Dakota.
  12. Pool_12_RiverRat

    early teal season

    A Michigan teal season will still need to pass the Federal approval in July, but it is one step closer for this state. And "yes", Michigan is classified as a "production" state by the USFWS, which includes teal. They are the #3 most populous nesting waterfowl in Michigan.
  13. Pool_12_RiverRat

    Union county permit

    I got one for Saturday, but I'm definitely gonna scout tomorrow. It might be a boat on the big water kind of day.
  14. Pool_12_RiverRat

    Crab Orchard Blinds?!?!

    Thank you everyone for the input. I appreciate it.
  15. Pool_12_RiverRat

    Crab Orchard Blinds?!?!

    It's been just a bit over a decade since I last hunted Crab, and I remember the per hunter fee, but the $25 "blind rental" caught me off-guard. It is what it is for the fee, so this thread isn't to complain about that. I'd like to take a couple of people who are fairly new to duck hunting out...
  16. Pool_12_RiverRat

    Share something positive from this year please

    I like the sentiment of this thread, so I feel obliged to contribute. Following the coldest and worst first gun season I can remember, we spent an entire day either breaking ice or trying to scout some open water to get one last hunt in. We found about a dozen ducks, and decided to give it...
  17. Pool_12_RiverRat

    So the River's open then?

    As the federal government came back to work, the boat launches should now be re-opened for the Upper Miss. NWR and other federal lands. I was able to talk to a few federal guys in other parts of the state at other Refuges and at the National Forest today, and they are all back at work operating...
  18. Pool_12_RiverRat


    It's just ridiculous. The ol' lady got hers in 2 weeks, and I've been waiting since late July, which sounds like is only halfway there Thankfully ISP provides both an email and phone line that the public can call to inquire every day of their lives if so desired. Luckily for them, I so...
  19. Pool_12_RiverRat

    Deer opener today!

    I lucked out and stuck one 8 minutes into bow season. Had to be a pure miracle, b/c I haven't arrowed a deer in 7 years :l
  20. Pool_12_RiverRat

    Looking for campground along Mississippi River near Savanna/Thomson IL

    You can either camp at Mississippi Palisades SP between Savanna and Hanover (they have a boat launch) or down at The Causeway just south of Thomson

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