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    first crane hunt , took almost a hour.
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    Heading up

    Packed and ready to head north for the fall. Leaving on Wednesday and got the OK to stay my normal stay.. Not coming back until NOV. 6th. Ive heard birds are starting to move some. I know there will be Cranes to have fun with the first few weeks.
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    How many of you are heartbroken because we can't go to Canada

    I've been going so many years to Canada It's hard to believe we can't go. Over 35 years of trips every fall and some fishing trips in the spring. Not being able to see Friends and their families is just devastating . I've only heard of a few people that have had sickness due to the virus. I...
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    Lots of snow goose speads will be for sale soon

    With the NEW gun laws passed in Canada on Tuesday there won't be people going to Canada to hunt anymore. I really hope I'm wrong but have been talking with friends in the RCMP and they think it's going to stay the new way. Lots of lawsuits have already been filed but those could take years,
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    First Arrivals have shown up

    Got a call last night that a small flock of snows have already shown up in upper SK. Was also told good numbers of dark geese and cranes on the move the last few days . I'm heading out on Tuesday so I'll let everyone know what I find out.
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    SkyFly decoy question

    Wondering if anyone has bought these and what the reviews are on them. I'd like to know what people think of he quality of this decoy.
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    Merry Christmas to All

    Hope Everyone is safe during the Holidays. Beth and I are going to have a very special Christmas this year. I got a call last week from a Outfitter in Mexico that we've gone to a couple of times and He said he's got a opening from Dec. 22 - Jan.5 for ducks and doves. We talked things over...
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    Saw something interesting

    I've been watching a few private ponds this summer that I have sole permission on. I'm almost positive that on one of the ponds there's a Blonde mallard. I should have confirmation in a few more weeks , but it looks good. I'll see if I can get a picture to post.
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    Most ducks gone now

    most of the ducks are gone now but what a Fantastic season. Been walking out and doing some ice fishing with pretty good results on big perch and some eyes. It should only get better . I'm really looking forward to heading to Kansas for Specks and snows in Feb. been heading down there for 5...
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    Nice push the last few days

    Nice push of New birds the last few days even some Snows. Thursday and today went just way to fast for me and the dog. Got into some awesome divers, Cans , Bills and even a Redhead. Oh and a very stupid rooster that tried to make it across the decoy spread. I don't hunt the weekends anymore...
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    Bausch and Lomb scope

    Bausch and Lomb Elite 4000 Rifle scope . 2.5-10 matte finish 40mm objective. This is in New condition. I'm asking $250.00 or best offer. This sells new for over $ 400.00 Buyer pays the shipping costs. For pictures send me your Email address
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    looking to find HUGE grain bags

    Can anyone tell me where I can buy a few huge grain bags to put all my full body goose decoys. Looking for the bigger the better.
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    Perch fishing over the holidays

    was wondering if I could get some reports on the Webster area maybe down to Watertown area on what lakes the perch and walleyes are biting on. Looking to come out just after Christmas and do some fishing... Thanks for any help you can give
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    snow goose floaters F/S

    I've got about 15 Dozen snow goose floaters I'd like to sell. Most are Flambeau and are in LIKE NEW condition. They are all rigged with line and weights.. I really don't want to ship these things but if you pay the shipping I will. I live in Madison, WI $$$ 1100.00 for them all
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    New panfish plan for Wisconsin

    Anyone looked over this plan that's going into effect next spring?? I understand it's only 110 lakes but as we all know it won't stop there.. Take a look at it on the DNR website and then state your opinion on the new regs. I've talked with some of the people pushing this through and they...
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    Ice fishing

    Hello guys, I looking for information on a few lakes in the area of Lake Thompson and Lake Preston. I want to target Perch and Walleyes thats all. Wondering if I could get someone to help me get started out there. We have a small group with all the equipment and just need to be pointed in...
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    Deer hunter questions

    Hey guys just wanted to ask a few questions about your hunt this year. First I want to say that I hunt our family farm in Marquette Co. and hunted way more this year than usual. ( 6 days ) My normal season is 1 1/2 days. I'm wondering if people had the same kind of sightings as I did...
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    Good luck for the last half of season

    This has been a Epic season for our area . Not many mallards but the divers have just been almost none stop from day 1. I've been looking back on my log books and we have never shot some many Cans, Redheads and Bills as this year. Tuesday starts the last of my time off and I'll be able to...
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    Great reports from Canada

    Been talking with people I know up there and they've said Good numbers of Snows showing up and lots of ducks this year. Only problem is not much for crops this year due to the super wet year. With less crops that should really group up the birds in the fields. Could be good or not???? Our...
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    M1903 Springfield

    I pick up one of these at a flea market on Sunday. It's a M1903 Not a M190A3. Looking at this gun from the start interested me very much. It looks Brand New and was in a Government stamped box. The guy I got it from said his dad purchased it in 1950 and it's just been stored all this time. As...

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