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  1. Clam

    Be cautious around Skagit - recent thefts and vandalism

    Hi, I was reading on FB this morning (PNW Waterfowl addicts group) about a couple of trucks that were driving around Skagit area and breaking windows into hunters vehicles. Well, the truck(s) they were driving was stolen from a hunter. Very sad to see society decay so rapidly. Here is the...
  2. Clam

    And it begins

    My 10 year olds first day shooting. He had a good start with a good attitude, I’m proud of him. The guys at the range sure like seeing young people interested in shooting. I wish I had started younger and developed better shooting skills - I wouldn’t have wasted so much ammo. Lance Coco sent...
  3. Clam

    New Boat delivery- Baton Rouge to Pacific NW or bust.

    Hi! New member, and looking forward to the upcoming season. Anyway, I would like to buy a Go-Devil boat from Mr Coco in Baton Rouge and am looking for someone else that does, to share the shipping cost. Shipping is about $1.30 per mile. We can have them stack’em and save. Anywhere from...

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