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  1. yankeegray

    Union county

    December 8 this year. The funny part is that is the same day my buddy was assigned Amazing luck I guess.
  2. yankeegray

    Somehow this is news worthy
  3. yankeegray

    Little Rock bound.

    Anyone making the trip to Little Rock this weekend for the delta expo? Also any advice on how to occupy my wife’s and granddaughter time Saturday? I am sure that will Friday will be at there limits on ducks.
  4. yankeegray

    Tornadoes in December

    Hard to believe rocked out of bed a little while age by a tornado warning going off. Amazing can’t recall one in December.
  5. yankeegray

    Blind chair input

    Still recovering from my Covid journey and I find myself unable to stand to long in the flooded timber I am concerning a momarsh in Invisa-chair or a drake blind chair. If anyone has had any experience or knowledge of them please give your opinion Thanks in advance
  6. yankeegray

    Looking for a metal reed

    Receive a Joe Jaroski duck call that belong to my late uncle. Can someone help me with a place to purchase a replacement metal reed for this call. Thanks in advance
  7. yankeegray

    Higdon pulsator

    Not sure if this will screw the thing up. My concern is will this let water into the battery compartment?
  8. yankeegray

    Proud Grandpa

    Long night. My little female lab Uma had her first litter. Five blacks. All healthy. Believe I was as nervous as when my sons were born. Time for us to nap now. Entertaining my male sleep through the whole thing.
  9. yankeegray

    Heading South

    Working the labs this morning in the cut bean field south of the house. Enjoyed the sounds of the snows heading south multiple flights. This reported from northern Jackson county in southern Illinois . Made for a beautiful morning.
  10. yankeegray

    O ring DT launcher

    Anyone know the size on the rubber O ring for the DT dummy launcher. Should have purchased a back up before my old one was lost. If not I will drag it into the store and find one that fits Just looking for the lazy route Thanks
  11. yankeegray

    Look at Ill We at Political Correct also

    DU QUOIN (WSIL) -- A band has been removed from the Du Quoin State Fair lineup. Confederate Railroad will no longer perform on August 27. The Du Quoin Weekly reports the band was removed because of their name. Can’t let California get ahead of us.
  12. yankeegray

    It’s officially started Mail box season opener

    It’s officially started Mail box season opener
  13. yankeegray

    Christian waterfowl festival

    heading to Springdale Arkansas tomorrow to attend the ninth annual Christian waterfowl associating festival and banquet. Anyone else attending?
  14. yankeegray

    Bout that time

    Trucks loaded down. Blind bag is full. Coffee pot ready Dog knows it is about game time alarm set good to go Every one have a safe opener in the South Central Zone.
  15. yankeegray

    Memorial Day

    God bless to our veterans. Thank you to those who are currently serving also Thank you to the family's Fly your flags proudly
  16. yankeegray

    OKC lab help

    My nephew job has transferred to north OKC from southern Il He has settled in and looking for a lab pup. Prefers English. Blood line if possible. Any suggestions on a good breeder would be appreciated. Feel free to PM me with any help Thanks in advance
  17. yankeegray

    ski high snows

    Snow geese north bound today by the thousands over northern Jackson county will be watching southbound flight Thursday as they hit the front.
  18. yankeegray

    Bass pro waterfowl expo question

    Planning a weekend in Memphis soon and I Was wondering bass pro and DU had made plans for a expo this year. Thanks
  19. yankeegray

    It about says it all.

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