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  1. Neighbor Guy

    Perfect Limit For Each Flyway

    A “perfect” day for me on the Ontario/MN border…. Start the morning with 6 ducks. Could be 6-ringers, a mix of puddle ducks, even buffleheads. But perfect would be: 2-Cans 2-Redheads 2-Bluebills After breakfast a paddle and a limit of 15-coots In the afternoon a field hunt for 5-geese in cow...
  2. Neighbor Guy

    You guys know anybody that drowned or almost drowned while wading?

    Neoprene waders will float. Even if filled with water. The old rubber ones will fill with water but are neutrally buoyant, and will not sync you. Breathables, will fill with water similar to the rubber ones but again they shouldn’t sink you. In most cases, if you pull your knees up, once...
  3. Neighbor Guy

    You guys know anybody that drowned or almost drowned while wading?

    Nope. Waders tend to float. You’re more likely to get hypothermia than drown because of your waders.
  4. Neighbor Guy

    I know public land is public but

    I guess I’m in the camp of tear it down or take it down yourself when you leave. 1) I don’t want to look at your pos blind when you’re not there. 2) you don’t own the spot. So building a blind in that location implies ownership. Like you said “public” 3) I don’t want to announce to anyone...
  5. Neighbor Guy

    A5 Sweet 16 firing pin spring..

    That’s not an issue I am familiar with.
  6. Neighbor Guy

    Not hunting this year.

    Sounds a little bit like your giving up without a fight.
  7. Neighbor Guy

    How a duck hunter thinks...

    Life jackets while duck hunting are like blaze orange hats while ice fishing. Won’t really save your life, but it will make your body easier to find later and give your family closure.
  8. Neighbor Guy


    If we are being really critical…. He doesn’t have any blaze orange on, so….. But mostly, you all need to find better things to do with your time. It’s a staged, fake, made up picture. Not real life.
  9. Neighbor Guy


    Marketing and merchandizing.
  10. Neighbor Guy

    28ga shells very tight fit in chamber

    I was kinda thinking the same thing. I run into it for my .410 with some factory loads and it’s always a problem with Boss. The crimps are slightly flared. I am not sure where I got it. But I picked up a little ring for .410 that you can press on the crimp end and squeeze the crimp back...
  11. Neighbor Guy


    That’s gotta sting
  12. Neighbor Guy

    28ga shells very tight fit in chamber

    Are they factory or reloaded?
  13. Neighbor Guy

    Christmas tree

  14. Neighbor Guy

    Let's talk Teal

    Greenwings are delicious. One of my favorite ducks to eat. You can have blue wings. I will pass. I always find it funny when people put spoonbills down then rave about Bluewing. They feed on the same things and to be honest, spoonbills taste better.
  15. Neighbor Guy

    How Useful is a Big Game Cart Jet Sled 1 in ATS is what I have. It will haul any deer you need it to haul. Or a few dozen duck decoys I pulled a 12yo kid out to a duck blind once about 300yds through a cattail bog/muck. It’s great for winter trap line or winter camping/ice fishing...
  16. Neighbor Guy

    How Useful is a Big Game Cart

    I have one. Used it for several deer during archery season and even some during firearms deer. It’s behind my garage. Then I got older and learned about jet sleds. Won’t go back to the cart no matter what time of year. The cart works ok if you have a wheeler trail or road. But it’s a bugger in...
  17. Neighbor Guy

    7 1/2 lead for pheasant?

    I’m a bit of an outlier I guess… I prefer steel 4’s for pheasants. But if the season is late and the shots are rangy I keep copper coated lead 5’s and 6’s in the game vest. 16ga for both.
  18. Neighbor Guy

    An open letter …

    I was trying to remain forum friendly with my choice of words. I can think of way better. @Ruination thank you for the offer. It is truly appreciated. I will pass on it though. We should be able to scratch together something workable from what was left behind and what’s left in the shed to get...
  19. Neighbor Guy

    Minnesota deer harvest down.

    CWD fears, processing places that won’t take deer, people who can’t or won’t cut their own meat are also factors. But I think the biggest is access. Used to be pretty easy to gain permission for deer hunting. When I was in high school I had 6-different farms I had permission to hunt on. Over...
  20. Neighbor Guy

    An open letter …

    To the guy that stole my field spread: I hope those decoys bring you joy. I hope every time you use them someone asks you whose initials “MG” and “MJ” are? That way you can explain to them that you are a lousy thief. Or make up a story about how you purchased them at a magical garage sale or...