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  1. sdhunter

    Gigantes swept by the Pads

    Nice weekend series by the visiting Padres….that is all!
  2. sdhunter

    Need new Vet, near Lincoln/Rocklin/Roseville

    So I've used Willow Rock Vet in Rocklin since I moved up here 8 years ago. I really liked Dr. Carstens, but he has sold off and retired. Now, trying to get an appt just for shots are at over a month of lead time. Poor first impression of the new ownership for me. Anyway, looking for other...
  3. sdhunter

    Storage container rentals for duck clubs

    So the outfit I used to use, Container Solutions lost their yard in Yuba City, so they are a no-go for container rentals this season. Anybody got a good line on Container rentals with good pricing? Thanks, Mike
  4. sdhunter

    Juvie is alive

    Sighting in Lincoln. We are drinking Pliny on draft
  5. sdhunter

    Questions to you Summer Sausage makers out there...

    Team, Looking for some advice on summer sausage making...I'm going to try (first timer) making some jalapeno/cheddar summer sausage with goose meat. - What is the best high temp cheddar cheese to use? - What ratio of pork to goose is good to use? - What pork cut is best or easiest to...
  6. sdhunter

    Nice weekend series in Chavez Ravine

    Some good baseball this weekend down in LA, that is if you're not a Dodgers fan!
  7. sdhunter

    Succumb to Cancel Culture?

    Okay, if no sponsors were harmed, delete any personal info (if that was the case), but the novel should remain - as there are lessons to be learned (from multiple angles) from that thread. Why burn that history, let it stay published for all to learn? If you feel like you have lock it, lock...
  8. sdhunter

    Grind busters

    A few times this week, a plane has gone out of its way to buzz by grinds. Not only buzz them, but make multiple low passes to make sure the grind breaks up and leaves. Does somebody pay a pilot to do this or is it just their kind of fun?
  9. sdhunter

    Met the future legend, Juviecoot Jr!

    Got to finally meet the Future Legend, Juviecoot Jr., it was awesome to meet such a fine young man! Great looking and well natured boy! You two did great, enjoy the ride known as parenthood! I can tell already, he will be a good egg! Great to see you! Psssssst.....please don't tell the...
  10. sdhunter

    Careless or Clueless - a ricer rant

    I'm not as fortunate as TKOM, at my rice club, the two closest blinds to me are 400 and 350 yards away from me. So those blinds can impact my hunts. One blind, the last 3 Saturdays, the 3 guys continuously hail on snow goose calls, speck calls, and all the above in terms of duck calls. They...
  11. sdhunter

    Storage container rental - Colusa area??

    I'm in search of renting a 20' container for my club this year, I'm just north of Colusa. Who are you guys renting from and what are the typical costs for the season?? Most internet searches just taking you to big entities that don't seem local... Thanks in advance! Mike
  12. sdhunter

    In search of a good dog vest

    For years, I used a Cabelas neoprene dog vest with velcro, it was awesome and lasted years. Since my new dog is smaller, I've tried a couple of other brands, and they haven't lasted a year. I've tried the Browning and the RedHead ones. Cabelas discontinued theirs and I'm looking for some good...
  13. sdhunter

    Hydroturf on top of diamond plate?

    Didn't want to hi-jack another thread....anybody with experience with HT on top of diamond plate aluminum boat floor? I have HT already on all the other surfaces (front/rear decks, side rails and etc...), but the floor is diamond plate, but would like to HT it for noise and barefoot comfort in...
  14. sdhunter

    Refuge site, loading slow last few days?

    Wondering if anybody else is experiencing slow loading from the Refuge? Seems bad the last few days...any other site I visit is normal, just the 'fuge.
  15. sdhunter

    In search of dog box insert for pit blind hole....

    Hey all, I'm looking for a dog box that would fit into a pit blind hole. Does anybody know of any blind builders that may have such a product? Just curious, looking for an option when hunting multiple dogs. I've heard that Duck Blinds Unlimited in Chico used to make something like that, but...
  16. sdhunter

    Packer Rd, lots of new Avian-x and Tanglefree decoys

    From the looks of all the empty decoy boxes on the 45 between Packer Rd and Colusa, lots of new decoys in the rice...:cool: Somebody lost their trash on the way out!
  17. sdhunter

    Costco carrying Drake jackets...

    Went to Costco on my weekly Tequila run...some duck camo caught my eye on the way back to the liquor section. They have the Drake 1/4 zip MST in sizes up to XXL for $69.99. Pretty good deal, thought I'd pass it along. Time for a drink! BTW, this was the Costco in Roseville...
  18. sdhunter

    Dog blinds....need opinions on ones in production now?

    So I may be hunting 2 dogs on occasion this season, and I need another dog blind. I have one of the original Final Approach Mutt Huts, I love that blind. The new Mutt Hut 2's look like garbage to me. So what are you guys using and which ones do you like? It will be used on an uncut rice...
  19. sdhunter

    OT - Best mapping chip for GPS/Fishfinder for the Delta and Nor Cal lakes?

    Guys, Thinking about buying a new fishfinder with GPS for my boat (leaning towards the Hummingbird Helix 5 SI), just curious as to what's the best mapping chip you guys may be using for the Delta and Nor Cal lakes? The 2 main ones I'm seeing are the Navionics and the LakeMaster. Thanks in...
  20. sdhunter

    Storing ring bases in a decoy trailer...?

    Okay, you guys with decoy trailers, I'm looking for ideas for storing ring bases. What do you guys do or what have you seen that looks good?? Thanks in advance!!