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  1. DoubleBander007

    Springfield Deer Processing

    Anybody around the Springfield area have a recommendation on a good deer processor? Interested in sausage and sticks, possibly bologna. Refuse to go to Turasky's bc of their terrible customer service. Thanks!
  2. DoubleBander007

    Scheels Springfield

    I'm glad I asked! I wasnt expecting it this weekend... they really didnt do a very good job of advertising this year. Thanks Zettler for checking.
  3. DoubleBander007

    Scheels Springfield

    Anyone know when Waterfowl Weekend is at Scheels this year?
  4. DoubleBander007

    Rockford area clubs

    Anyone have a recommendation for a good club or outfitter near Rockford? Looking to get after some late season ducks. Thanks in advance! :tu
  5. DoubleBander007


    Does anyone know of a good place to find out about duck hunting leases in Illinois? Thanks in advance!
  6. DoubleBander007

    Sanganois Hunting

    Thanks for the info guys. I had read something about how the draw location varies by day... sometimes at hq sometimes at check station. What's that all about. The main thing I was hoping to get help with is not getting my ***** lost out there, plus it'll just be me hunting. How many spots are...
  7. DoubleBander007

    Sanganois Hunting

    Thanks Colby... I'm not giving up yet! lol
  8. DoubleBander007

    Sanganois Hunting

    I just moved to Springfield and would like to hunt Sanganois a little this year. However, I know nothing about the place or even how the draws work. If anyone would like some company for a hunt up there I would very much like to go. I'm not interested in learning which blinds are the burners...
  9. DoubleBander007

    14ft jon

    Thanks thats helpful!
  10. DoubleBander007

    14ft jon

    Bump... anyone have any updated info about this subject?
  11. DoubleBander007

    Gadwall Mounts?

    Id check out Birdman studios website, he has a great library of mounts
  12. DoubleBander007

    5 day bender....

    whats the name of your taxidermy studio? Thanks
  13. DoubleBander007


    Hey guys, Took a cool photo out on the marsh the other day and thought I would share. Hope your season is going well!
  14. DoubleBander007

    Which one would you mount??

    I wish I could do both but thats pricey! If I did both I think Id do one sitting and one flying about him. Decisions Decisions! Thanks for the input!
  15. DoubleBander007

    Which one would you mount??

    I was fortunate to harvest two nice Gadwall drakes on a trip to North Dakota. Now I have to figure out which is going on the wall. What is your opinion?? Thanks!
  16. DoubleBander007

    Otter Final Attack Motor

    IMO the final attack paddles horribly! Not sure if its bc of the square front or what but its a bear. I found a 2hp air cooled honda to try out. Weighs about 30 lbs... we will see.
  17. DoubleBander007

    Otter Final Attack Motor

    Anyone have an Otter Final Attack with a mud motor on it? I am thinking in investing in a motor and wondering what other people are using and how they like it. Thanks! :tu
  18. DoubleBander007

    Lab litters

    Hey Guys, I had a lab puppy lined up, but she was born with some health issues and I wont be getting her. Does anyone know of any litters hitting the ground? Thanks!
  19. DoubleBander007

    Lab Litters

    Hey Guys, I had a lab puppy lined up, but she was born with some health issues and I wont be getting her. Does anyone know of any litters hitting the ground? Thanks!
  20. DoubleBander007

    Where to find a boat?

    Im looking for a 14-16 foot boat, preferably at least 52"w. Just a basic Jon with motor and trailer. A good starter boat