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  1. DoubleBander007

    Springfield Deer Processing

    Anybody around the Springfield area have a recommendation on a good deer processor? Interested in sausage and sticks, possibly bologna. Refuse to go to Turasky's bc of their terrible customer service. Thanks!
  2. DoubleBander007

    Scheels Springfield

    Anyone know when Waterfowl Weekend is at Scheels this year?
  3. DoubleBander007

    Rockford area clubs

    Anyone have a recommendation for a good club or outfitter near Rockford? Looking to get after some late season ducks. Thanks in advance! :tu
  4. DoubleBander007


    Does anyone know of a good place to find out about duck hunting leases in Illinois? Thanks in advance!
  5. DoubleBander007

    Sanganois Hunting

    I just moved to Springfield and would like to hunt Sanganois a little this year. However, I know nothing about the place or even how the draws work. If anyone would like some company for a hunt up there I would very much like to go. I'm not interested in learning which blinds are the burners...
  6. DoubleBander007


    Hey guys, Took a cool photo out on the marsh the other day and thought I would share. Hope your season is going well!
  7. DoubleBander007

    Which one would you mount??

    I was fortunate to harvest two nice Gadwall drakes on a trip to North Dakota. Now I have to figure out which is going on the wall. What is your opinion?? Thanks!
  8. DoubleBander007

    Otter Final Attack Motor

    Anyone have an Otter Final Attack with a mud motor on it? I am thinking in investing in a motor and wondering what other people are using and how they like it. Thanks! :tu
  9. DoubleBander007

    Lab litters

    Hey Guys, I had a lab puppy lined up, but she was born with some health issues and I wont be getting her. Does anyone know of any litters hitting the ground? Thanks!
  10. DoubleBander007

    Lab Litters

    Hey Guys, I had a lab puppy lined up, but she was born with some health issues and I wont be getting her. Does anyone know of any litters hitting the ground? Thanks!
  11. DoubleBander007

    Where to find a boat?

    Im looking for a used boat. What are the best websites to check out that list used boats for sale? I have been watching craigs list, but was wondering if there were others. Thanks much!
  12. DoubleBander007

    Any Lab litters?

    I think its time to start training my next hunting partner. Does anyone know of any lab litters that are available or will be soon? I am in Jacksonville (by Springfield) most weekends and would be able to drive a couple hours. Thanks much!
  13. DoubleBander007

    Any Lab litters?

    Well I think its time to start training my next hunting partner. I would rather find a litter by word of mouth from a fellow hunter rather than looking in the newspaper. Does anyone know of any litters that are currently available or will be soon? I am in SE Iowa just north of Burlington, but...
  14. DoubleBander007

    Hunting Evaluation

    For my college English class I had to write an evaluation essay and I choose the topic of hunting. As a requirement for the class we had to publish at least one of our papers, so I choose this forum to do so. Below is my published work that all are welcome to read and comment on...
  15. DoubleBander007

    Book Recommendation

    Can anyone suggest a good book that I could read over the winter. I am not an avid reader, but Im hoping to find a book that will spark my interest and keep me going. No particular subject in mind, just a good one that is hard to put down. Thanks.
  16. DoubleBander007

    The myth, the man, the legend

    Just moved to MN and a guy that goes by the name "Kiltrash" took me under his wing. I used to be under the spell of greenheads and sprigs, but now I see the light of black and white. Here are a few slow days' bags.
  17. DoubleBander007


    Per JTHunts request... here are a couple pics from up north to get you boys ready for the season
  18. DoubleBander007

    Final Attack motor

    I just got an Otter Final Attack and was thinking of putting a 30 lb thrust trolling motor on it. For your FA owners, do you think that motor will have enough UMPH for the boat? Thanks.
  19. DoubleBander007

    MN Regs question

    I see that it is illegal to use motorized decoys on state owned WMA's. Is this the case also for Federal WPA's?
  20. DoubleBander007

    Detroit Lakes

    Hi guys, Im going to be moving to Detroit Lakes in Sept for a new job, and was hoping to learn a little about the hunting opportunities in the area. Im not trying to steal anyones spots, but some general information about the region would be very helpful. Information about deer and ducks...

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