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  1. salthunter

    This time of year, Gift dilemmas.

    Years back I asked on this forum for gift ideas for my wife. As a whole, this forum never got the gift-buying suggestions right for my wife. Nor have I Well someone's wife was a Scentsy salesperson,, that was...
  2. salthunter

    Who started out with a single?

    First-year as a duck hunting at 12 years old, I was shooting a Stevens 16 gauge, full choke single,. I killed maybe 6 ducks that year. The next fall I had an Ithaca 37-A,, loved that gun.
  3. salthunter

    Three shots.

    As a young kid I was probably like most young hunters, if you took one shot at a duck you emptied your gun. An old fellow used to say ammunition is the cheapest part of the hunt. And for many years I only took the good shots that I wanted to take, and didn't feel the urged to take a second or...
  4. salthunter

    I didn't duck hunt today

    My wife said it was windy and snowy and nasty at home. I chose to spend my time in my pickup looking for elk. Time for lunch,11:00 am
  5. salthunter

    12 volt, electric heat

    I have a 14 year old Gerbling 7 volt heated layout pad. It works great for my dog in the blind. I would like something that puts out more heat for me, and would like to use a 12 volt car battery . Any ideas or recommendations
  6. salthunter

    Straight spread silos? full bodies? socks? shells?

    Being new to snow goose hunting ( 2 spring seasons, 25 days of hunting, 2 days solo, 4 days guided the remainder with an old friend that knew what he was doing. ) I see the huge advantages of running sock and silo spreads,, they fit the back seat of the truck and the motion makes them work...
  7. salthunter

    A quick hunt access

    As a kid a few minutes bike ride and we were squirrel. hunting and trapping My first home, in Mankato Mn. I was 6 or 7 minutes to the duck marsh, or trapping rats another minute to the boat launch to good or great crappie and walleye fishing . I did have a fox that often cruises through...
  8. salthunter

    Thanks giving, what's the main meat, or dish.

    Im sure our home has converted to smoked ham. Sparing those turkeys, and turkey leftovers for the next month.
  9. salthunter

    So you’re not hunting today?

    So what are you doing . I'm working on my daughter's rental, and getting ready for a goose hunt.
  10. salthunter

    Its time for a new thread. Weird stuff in the march or woods

    What do you have My favorite outhouse , Frank Church Wilderness A buddy told me they stolen then moved to elk or deer camp This was my shower during the elk hunt. those hot days , cool shower I posted this years ago. Someone on this forum said it was a WW!! military target ( I have...
  11. salthunter

    Growing Trumper swan migration

    Our local goose migration has continued to dwindle and change at the same time the trumpeter swan population has boomed. 15 years ago I thought it was so cool to see 20 swans. Today I took a short cruise around the country, There were over a thousand swans on this particular field and I likely...
  12. salthunter

    Change and more change

    My daughter bought a house to use his rental. I've been finding change underneath carpet cabinets refrigerators under the stove and this is what came out of the cold air return, which wasn't sucked up the shop vac. I haven't had change in my pockets for years I've always been using a credit...
  13. salthunter

    What I've never experienced this before

    here in Southeast Idaho, We've been an inversion for the past week, temperatures below freezing and foggy. I decided to get out of the fog and headed for the high country and yesterday experienced brilliant sunshine. I'm up here on a muzzleloader elk hunt so far I've only seen one bull moose...
  14. salthunter

    What time is Thanksgiving dinner?

    My family, growing up Thanksgiving dinner was sometimes in deer camp. When at my grandparents, aunt and uncle's almost always preceded by a duck, deer or pheasent hunt and some years running the trapline. Thanks giving dinner was often any time between noon and 1:00 . My wife's family in the...
  15. salthunter

    Three strikes, or four

    When the wealthy decide::: Grizzly sow and cubs put down in Tetonia Staff Local Posted: Nov 12, 2022, 8:49 am This is a stock image. It is not the bear referenced in the article below. The following is a news release from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. TETONIA – On...
  16. salthunter

    Election Day. I thought. I messed up

    Looking out the window early this morning I had an instant regret. I first heavy snow of the year I should have been set up for geese. I didn't miss anything we done have any geese around anyway.
  17. salthunter

    Any duck hunters on this forum?

    Kill any ducks this season? I haven't shot a duck or set a decoy. I did glass a pond for ducks while deer and bear hunting. Even moved some decoys down from storage, I just got my duck stamp in the mail. I should maybe get it signed and in my blind bag.
  18. salthunter

    Went to the Dr. yesterday.

    He told my wife he was going to refill Dr. T prescription! "I need to hunt more!!"
  19. salthunter

    No wonder

    My daughter Made a full price offer on a 1940s home.$100,000. that she will make a rental on Monday. The house seemed well under priced. it is the lowest values hours in the neighborhood across from a middle school, Her offer was full priced, with any immediate closing , And no contingencies...
  20. salthunter

    Cheap? Frugal? hoarder, thief

    Sort of my pet peeve My wife already hid the big chocolate bars for Halloween. Hiding "candy " was her mom's thing:dohtoo! My wife will keep the knife/spoon/fork napkin set from the burrito bus. The cheap lightweight plastic. I buy 10-cent forks at the 2nd hand store, for hunting and...

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