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  1. drahthaarducker

    Season’s over…time for reflection

    Learned a couple of new Refuges. Shot about a 5 bird average last 6 weeks. Made a ton of mistakes in the learning curve ' Looking forward to nest year
  2. drahthaarducker

    Trump kicks off his 2024 campaign.

    Oh how the tide has changed. Nuff said
  3. drahthaarducker

    Season’s over…time for reflection

    Maybe not for you and the Drath...but it does for the ducks
  4. drahthaarducker

    Best friend

    I hunted 3 seasons out here without a dog while my Drahthaar was old and enjoying retirement. It had been 37 years since I hunted without a dog. It just wasn't the same. I've greatly enjoyed my last 2 years with my BFF knucklehead
  5. drahthaarducker

    How bout a positive hunting post!

    Love the Bearded ones. Good looking pup
  6. drahthaarducker

    How many wifes admit they're wrong???

    I've been single for 26 years. I must have forgotten, but remembered enough to not get married
  7. drahthaarducker


    Trent Williams was impressive.
  8. drahthaarducker

    Lost Yellow Lab at Kern.

    Yeah, I didn't share this part
  9. drahthaarducker

    2022-23 Dog photos

    Slow last day
  10. drahthaarducker

    Refuge blinds today

    Saturday I pulled the Fast grass back up and added some natural cover to the bare spots for the youth & veterans
  11. drahthaarducker

    Lost Yellow Lab at Kern.

    or so I thought! I didn't make the AM draw at Kern, while rock kicking in the lot with the other hunters all I heard was Unit 2 when I get on. #1 took free roam and #2 & #3 declined bling 27 as it was 1mile walk. I hastily decided to take it and thought it would be a good way to see the...
  12. drahthaarducker

    Last day

    I didn't make the AM draw. Slow PM for the closer.
  13. drahthaarducker

    Red sky in morning...

    From the parking lot of the sweatline
  14. drahthaarducker

    Coincidence ????

    Like today #4 in sweatline
  15. drahthaarducker

    Coincidence ????

    I wish everyone had a club to go to on Wednesday & Saturday. It would make sweatlining it so much easier
  16. drahthaarducker

    I'm not superstitious but...

    Washing didn't take the good luck away
  17. drahthaarducker

    Any major problems w/the Subaru Crosstrek?

    I get around those rules by just wearing Birkenstocks while I'm driving my Subaru
  18. drahthaarducker

    Marble Mountain Kennels

    I'll probably put my dog in with a Bird Dog trainer to get him "finished ". The trainer said $1500 for 5 weeks.
  19. drahthaarducker

    Three Generation Greenhead Limit


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