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    I got 3-4 of them living under my cabin in the country so I cant be there 24-7 to kill em or I would
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    What's your favorite LP album art?

    Any Dead cover Just remember "If the thunder dont get ya, the lightning will"
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    How do you get rid of them other than killin em
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    If you could see any music concert, what is your lineup?

    Grateful dead with pigpen New riders of the purple sage The band At red rock Seen them all but never together
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    Uncle WU

    yea but he is harmless for the most part,kinda like a barkin dog
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    Uncle WU

    I'm back in over there I see griff is still being griff (lol)
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    Uncle WU

    Thanks Uncle WU Went over there but couldn't log in Guess since I been gone for while I got booted
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    Uncle WU

    BTW is the old cafe still goin cant seem to locate it with google
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    Uncle WU

    On my second doc now, he is a bit younger so I think I will beat him upstairs(if I go that direction). Latest gig was hauling RV's around the country,but it got pretty expensive having to use my own truck with breakdowns and weather. Now I am just hanging out. In the middle of building a cabin...
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    Uncle WU

    Hey there WU how you doing? Been a long time since we talked.I see your still at it. I havent been around for a while had to quit hangin in the marsh due to driving around the country and med problems but i am still kickin
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    ST.Louis Chaper Delta Waterfowl Banquet-Feb 29th

    The St. Louis Chapter of Delta, aka RiverCity, will be hosting their annual Banquet on Feb. 29, 2008. The banquet will be held at the Orlando Gardens hall located just esat of HWY 270 on Dorsett Rd. in Maryland Heights, MO. Guest speaker to be announced, banquet tickets can be orderd by...
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    Kearney DU Dinner 2008-Feb.9th

    Kearney Du would like to invite you to............. Dinner will be: Smoked Pork Chops, Taters, Greenbeans, Garden Salad, and Homemade Pies. We've got a little something special planned for this year!(For all you Mizzou fans) This will be a good one dont miss it!!!!!!! Earlybird Date...
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    Did You See Next Tuesday's Forcast

    My boss fired me:dv :dv :dv :dv
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    More censorship...sighhhhhhh

    HO, now pay attention, I aint never badmouthed you or what you post as I really dont care as long as it does'nt get personal. We know each other and I have no reason to be hatin on ya,as I dont think I have ever givin you a reason to hate on me,unless you think I believe every word out of a...
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    Who's really to blame?

    And with that this thread is locked
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    Missouri refuge Youth (spring snow goose hunt)

    and we are good to go-thanks
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    Layout Boat Info

    Dawg if ya go to the other board for the outcasts and put a post up for Ira,he owns momarsh boats hangs out there. He may be able to cut a deal on a couple of the fatboys for ya. Also try the boat builders forum there,lots of good info
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    any spring snow goose guides on here?

    You may want to check with BODAWG, the other moderator here.He guides hunts on the west side of the state. Just shoot him a PM,make sure you title it as a snow goose hunt otherwise he may dump it
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    Band the T shot!!!!!

    All I can say is this TAKE YER OPINIONS BACK TO THE ILLINOIS BOARD and STAY AWAY FROM MO-MO :dv :dv :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Same goes for the rest of you OOS'ers.As far as I am concerned you should have to pay out the nose to hunt here-ON PRIVATE LAND,If you come to hunt our CA's you should have...
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    Nope, I wasnt bein sarcastic one bit-thats why I dont shoot em.