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    Aurora Borealis

    Neat pic. We have had cloud cover the last 2 nights and more tonight. And I'm afraid I'm outside the fringe of viewing.
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    New website that tells you what companies are "Woke"

    I'll check out the website later, but my gut feeling is that boycotting woke companies will be about as effective as me trying to boycott stuff made in China.
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    Aurora Borealis

    Is there a website or app that will tell when you might be able to see the lights?
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    Most dangerous jobs you have had

    I respect all of you guys who are working and especially those who are in dangerous occupations.
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    A little RedBone history to add to the speck calls and calling discussion.

    Thanks for the post. I'll try to pick one up. I don't know a thing beyond a few YouTube videos about speck calling but I'd like to learn. We did manage to fool them a few times this spring season but really inconsistently.
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    Bad news for Antelope- Wyoming

    Uncle and aunt drove through Wyoming a long time ago and said they could not count the number of dead antelope. That must have been 20-25 years ago.
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    Got in a new chevy 3/4 ton

    Not mine. How in the heck do you see over the hood? Popped the hood and the radiator and all the crap is clear to the top. No unused space. That radiator has to be overkill? It's not a Pete or KW.
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    How many fingers do your have?

    Do a study on intelligence vs motivation vs environment. I have a nephew who is on the right red on iq tests but on the left yellow on motivation. And his sister, right red on iq and right yellow on motivation. I'm motivated, I think, but lacking in grey matter.
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    Anybody still Cow Board ?

    It's something I'd like to try. 2000 snows in a field this morning. Season is over but testing out a cow board after the season is over is legal, isn't it? Off tangent a bit but I have hid in a field and had them feed all around me but they move so fast that it is hard to target a...
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    Train your dog!! I hope it's a good link. Idaho supreme court rules that a police dog putting its' paw on a car is trespassing.
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    Have you ever had a transmittable disease?

    Lots of talk about shingles here. I had blisters on my back and my wife took a pic and I went to web MD or some other site and knew I had melanoma. (I've been in the sun way too often without protection). The old country doc, now retired, corrected my grim self-diagnosis with "you've got...
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    Have you ever had a transmittable disease?

    An acquaintance had his physical and the doc had his light and asked him to follow the light using his eyes only. He could not follow the light up. Turned out to be a tumor deep inside his brain. He was gone in under a year.
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    Do you guys clean your Tyvek snow decoys?

    Thanks for the replies. I'll let these dry and put them away.
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    Ready. II

    @NJ219bands Those are quite the range in numbers. Kind of similar to what I've experienced over the years but my high was in the high 30's for myself a few years ago. Got zero this year. They never showed up in my fields. My first zero since the spring season started here.
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    The impact of ranking by "essential" and "non-essential"

    F Friends and family members in the big cities often commented on how light the traffic was on the 405, or 205 during those times.
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    Ready. II

    @NJ219bands, 12 trips and no shots? I assume that is not normal. What is a normal season like?
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    Prayers for Gunnerx2

    Prayers sent!!
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    Ready. II

    South Dakota was the Kansas back in the day.
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    Next Year....What will you do different!

    switch from snow socks and TSS to a spotting scope and .22 mag. :nutz
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    Ready. II

    Lets see some pictures!!

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