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  1. coachcornbread

    WACO: American Apocalypse

    Its from drinking the water at Lejune.....
  2. coachcornbread

    Unsung heroes

    We had this happen where I’m at in rural North Carolina. Dude set fire to an abandoned building then was first on the scene. Got busted when the fire Marshall done his investigation. He had some kind of hero complex or something. He now has a nice cell at the state prison.
  3. coachcornbread

    What's your weather!! Bird report

    That’s more than most see in a lifetime round here.
  4. coachcornbread

    What's your weather!! Bird report

    80* here in NC. We never have any birds anyways so no bird count.
  5. coachcornbread

    Pay your lease, snow goose hunters!

    I wonder if it was that Cole Grimley dude.
  6. coachcornbread

    College Ball

    If Tennessee could play ranked teams from here on out they would be ok. They can beat the brakes off ranked teams then lose to lowly teams like Vandy and Mizzu.
  7. coachcornbread

    Youth / veterans day ?

    I didnt carry a copy of my DD214 with me, but had I got checked Im sure my gratuitous use of the F word would be enough evidence to convince them otherwise.
  8. coachcornbread

    Sorry to pop your balloon, but.......

    Feds shot it down today. Word on the street is they used BOSS shotgun shells.
  9. coachcornbread

    Grocery run

    We have two grocery stores within 10 minutes of the house. Once a month we make a Costco run (30 minutes away) to buy bulk items. I grocery shop for meat 200 yards from my front door from from September to January, and shop at the coast 4-5 hours away in the summer for fish, shrimp and blue crabs.
  10. coachcornbread

    FBI has raided Trump’s Mar a Lago home.

    I don’t see what the problem is. Brandon himself said his vette was locked up in the garage with them so they should be safe.
  11. coachcornbread

    Championship game

    He should, he bitches more than anybody.
  12. coachcornbread

    Championship game

    Heck, the game was terrible, just interjecting something to talk about!
  13. coachcornbread

    Championship game

    What is your definition of "off"? I guess the gumps had an "off" year since they didnt make the playoffs or win the west. Florida is a big bag of suck, LSU and Tennessee actually had surprising years considering they were supposed to be in rebuilding mode. If you were talking about ATM I...
  14. coachcornbread

    Championship game

    So did yours, but its ok if you dont want to answer.
  15. coachcornbread

    Championship game

    I'm not jumping on any bandwagon, Im just simply responding to your idiotic statement that Georgia "carried the whole conference". So lets hear you back up your claim. What conference, in your opinion, would match up head to head?
  16. coachcornbread

    Championship game

    Nope, Im a Tennessee fan, but you knew that. At least I can admit that "my team" blew their opportunity.
  17. coachcornbread

    Championship game

    You must be talking about the playoff committee......
  18. coachcornbread

    Championship game

    At the end of the day, TCU was just the unfortunate victim last night. They deserved to be there. OSU had their chance and blew it. Michigan had their chance and blew it. Alabama had their chance and blew it. USC had their chance and blew it. Tennessee had their chance and blew it. Clemson had...
  19. coachcornbread

    Championship game

    Then lets hear it, what conference out there would win head to head top to bottom?

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