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    Why AR-15s

    This will get it done I guarantee. 11 in the tube, 12ga, 00buck is a devastating machine.
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    James O' Keefe Reveals MASSIVE Democrat Money Laundering!

    Funny, has anyone heard a word about Hunter Biden lately?? Nope... The old slight of hand going on.
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    The BEST off-road driving instructor for national magazine story

    Not here babbling and that is so wonderful!
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    Uses for duck butter?

    You can buy duck fat.
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    Uses for duck butter?

    I guess my commit about using peanut oil & flour to make a roux is just stupid.
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    Prayers to Nashville

    We had two HPD officers initially ambushed here yesterday. One killed and one still critical.. It was videoed and narrated by BLM person that was laughing during the engagement and ambush. The time is close. The sickness and hate it so sad.
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    Uses for duck butter?

    Peanut oil and flour. Roux.
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    Vietnam Veterans Day.

    Thank you alll!
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    Mass shooting at school. This time it was a female shooter.

    That needs to be taken out now!
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    Prayers to Nashville

    The whole Trans /Woke/ LGBQ++ / Drag thing is out of control and a huge mental illness issue for the country. Malcontents and misfits that are not fit for anywhere, hell the church won't take them, and that's a problem! I ask everyday where are the adults / parents??
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    Democrats want to Indict and Arrest Trump? They Want a War? Let's Give It to them

    That looks like Juarez Mexico. I was there last week deep into the south side of the city. Unbelievable that the USA anywhere looks like that hole!
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    China brokers peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran

    I was told last week by a drive by democrat that interloped into my bar conversation with a fellow republican who was on a rant about the "Biden the Brain Trust" and I quote from the dem " Biden is a brilliant man, he just has Alzheimer's". At the point it went down hill as he stated "Oh y'all...
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    Jan 6 Apology from Prominent Dem

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    Jan 6 Apology from Prominent Dem

    Oh no issue with i.e. lower income / poor people voting as long as THEY are not on ANY /ZERO state or fed government monies or assistance and show a ID! Actually I wished they owned a home and or property. History shows they will vote their pocket book and that just keeps feeding them to remain...
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    Jan 6 Apology from Prominent Dem

    Here ya go... We are living in and governed by an Ineptocracy- A system of government where the least capable and competent (Democrat's) to lead are elected by the least capable and or competent of the producing or non-producing and where the members of society least likely to sustain...
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    Your "secrets" to a piece of pan fried red meat

    I didn't stay at the Holiday inn last night but it ain't rocket science. A cast iron skillet, prime cut beef, butter, sear and finish in the over at 500! Perfection with a side of brown butter mushroom caps & caramelized onions.
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    Trump, Hush Money and a Porn Star

    That is a picture of a loser and a hoe, you pick!
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    Unions bad or good for America?

    Well kind of like playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon just struts around knocks all the pieces over, then chits all over the board. Then struts around like it won.”
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    WACO: American Apocalypse

    A armed FBI SWAT Stack teams scares the sh1t out of me.