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    2022 Hunting Dog Pictures!

    Ice sucks
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    safeties off when?

    safety comes off about the time I swing out front of the bird. Plenty of time. Muzzle control is key. My favorite safety lecture, probably stolen from a post here somewhere: 1. Don't shoot me. 2. Don't shoot my dog. 3. If you shoot my dog, best shoot me right quick.
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    Fuge Brain Trust Truck Question

    After having ongoing electrical issues with both Ford and GMC on my last two (as in limp mode, barely pull itself down the road issues), I talked to a guy who is service manager for a chain of dealerships that sell every brand. He trains dogs too, and know how I use a truck. I said for what I...
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    Any great Black Friday deals?

    I have these binos and they are excellent
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    Whats cold to you.

    20's w/ wind and rain/humidity. Worse than dry 0 to me.
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    Muck boots

    I've worn Muck and all versions of LaCrosse over the years. My current favorite is the LaCrosse Aerohead. Plenty warm and walk all day comfortable. More durable than the Muck Wetlands, which I enjoyed wearing but didn't last for me. Easier on/off than any others. And I have a fairly high arch.
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    What's with all the ad's for Bismuth shells?

    We kill honkers and specks with 28 and 20 ga boss. I tell everyone who says you don't need it not to preach that until you try some in the field. It's different.
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    Double Gunner Kennels and DECKED Drawers/Toolbox

    Is there any reason you don't take longer ratchet straps all the way across the top of the kennels? Then you can anchor to the bed on each side and still have usable space between?
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    It's official for me now....

    Saw my first flock of specks this morning; game on
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    Heavy duty game strap recommendation?

    If you do the bookface, look up Harrell & Sons. Shifty makes a premium quality leather game strap for a reasonable price; good people to deal with. Your grandkids will be fighting over it.
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    Cornerstone gun dog academy?

    Cornerstone is designed for the first time dog owner that knows very little, and is a well designed, easy to follow, platform to walk someone through the steps to build a good gundog and good companion. It's in bite sized pieces and there's a very strong online support network from the CGA...
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    Movie Soundtracks

    Some good choices. I'll throw in another sleeper, August Rush
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    Can you suggest any good river to canoe down?

    I've actually been on the upper Nile coming out of Lake Victoria. Whole lot of crocs and hippos for my taste.
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    It's not easy to find anymore but is very cool. Kurtwood Smith has a good supporting role also.
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    Lonesome Dove, The Cowboys, Broken Trail are all good. For something different, look up Last of the Dogmen with Tom Berenger; really cool Montana movie
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    How many boy scouts in here

    made it to Life and Order of the Arrow, then my scoutmaster moved and the troop fell apart. Regret not finishing for sure. This was back in the late 70's early 80's, very different organization then.
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    Yall to quiet around here

    Third really weak year in a row on our part of MS. We've had to go west, way west, to have good hunts. Oh well, maybe next year...... That's kinda like "one more pass and they'll light"
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    Tankless Water Heaters

    One con to tankless is that when the power is off, you got no hot water. At least with gas tank-style you can have that.
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    Is Sitka Really Worth It?

    I've got some Sitka pieces that I would immediately replace if I lost them. Delta jacket, which I wear year round in wet weather and have yet to get wet while wearing. Dakota vest. Dakota hoody.
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    What is the most exotic restaurant you've eaten at?

    Been to the Carnivore a couple times; it's an experience. Had some good stir fry at some place in Siem Riep Cambodia that had a live croc in the open basement, you walked over it on some rickety wood platforms. Their sign proudly proclaimed "we don't serve dog cat rat or worm".