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  1. negooseman


    My old neighbor tore down the chain link fence between our backyards before I moved in. Said that it ran into his yard, which it technically did by about two feet so it could connect to a cemented in corner post. I had the yard surveyed and moved the fence, it went from in my yard to about 2...
  2. negooseman

    Carolina Squat…..Say What?

    Lol. I see no need to hunt Kansas, a limit here is a limit there, why give them my money?
  3. negooseman

    Carolina Squat…..Say What?

    It’s not like the Carolinas have anything better to be known for.
  4. negooseman

    Things NOT on your bucket list

    What’s not on my bucket list….worrying about what other dumbasses choose to do. :reader
  5. negooseman

    Snow goose call

    Nope… play. :tu
  6. negooseman

    Off season FB snow decoy storage

    I store my decoys in my shed, most up in the loft. It gets hot AF up there and I’ve never had any type of decoy issue from the heat.
  7. negooseman

    If you could only have 5 dozen waterfowl decoys,,,,

    3dz mallard decoys and 2dz Canada floaters.
  8. negooseman

    What did you buy this week?

    Grass seed.
  9. negooseman

    Decoy Stake

    Go buy a piece of steel rod, cut it to whatever length you want. Wrap some electrical tape around it to act as the “stop”.
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    Definitely yes.
  11. negooseman

    Last 3 days……

    Spent the last 3 days on the Niobrara River. 1st day was brutal….cold, snow showers, high winds,etc. 2nd day was high winds. The weather finally cooperated this morning…no wind, some sun and birds that responded well. We took 2 jakes(we weren’t gonna be picky after the first 2 days. I sat in a...
  12. negooseman

    TLPO- question for the brain trust

    My dog just had the surgery 2 weeks ago. The biggest issue is keeping them licking/chewing the wound. Rehab is slow.
  13. negooseman

    How big is your hunting dog?

    Usually about 90lbs but he’s a little heavier now. He just had TPLO surgery so he hasn’t done much exercise lately. Should be all ready for fall.
  14. negooseman

    Snows ate my wheat.

    Winter wheat = best field ever for snows.
  15. negooseman

    Are you a better fugitive or a better tracker?

    I’ve been on the run for 54 years.
  16. negooseman

    How do you know when to quit a job?

    If you have to ask the question as to when to quit, my answer would be…yesterday. Life is too short to hate 1/3 of your life.
  17. negooseman

    Potential Omaha Move

    There are spots with water.
  18. negooseman

    Benelli Nova Disassembly

    Or just YouTube it.