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    28 ga.

    I have nothing but good things to say about the hornady one shot with dynaglide. It's the best or close to the best for corrosion resistance from what I've seen. Lubrication is very good also. As far as salt water hunting get some and give us a review.
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    1300 FPS Loads For Geese

    And while your at it lets see how slow tss 7 and 9.5 have to be to be equal to the steel bb and 3 at 40 yards.
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    1300 FPS Loads For Geese

    Derbyacresbob could you give the muzzle velocity for steel bbb that would give the same penetration as steel bb at 1300 at 40 yards and do the same for 2 vs 3.
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    28 ga, TSS and Win AA HS Hulls

    Just hang in there they will be back in stock eventually.
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    Tss buckshot

    I did... in reference to the point that I don't think i would do that to my 10ga let alone a 12. I'd definitely research if and what other people have done and the results and would definitely ask Hal what he thought about it it may be just fine but that's some big stuff and unless you don't...
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    Tss buckshot

    I'm in on this one. Check the wads also let us know. There's no way I'd run that thru my 10ga without a mylar...actually I don't know I'd even run that size thru my 10ga is that barrel chrome lined if so the barrel might take the abuse cause I'm thinking that's going to burn thru the wad...
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    switching to TSS - 3 questions from a neophyte

    There should be around 225 #9 in 5/8 oz. 1oz pellet count 10-530 9.5-416 9-360 8.5-300 8-250 7.5-215 7-185 6-135 5-105 4-83
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    Gun Lube?

    Hornady one shot with dynaglide is good stuff.
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    Handloads for 10 gauge

    I've been eyeing that exact load except thought changing to a fed 209a.
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    Substituting TSS 18 in base load, what is the limit?

    How far can you kill chukars with rice asking for a friend.
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    switching to TSS - 3 questions from a neophyte

    Enough has been said.... buy some load some shoot something...Hal is the man and what he says reflects what I've seen. The biggest problem with this stuff is you don't need a lot of it weight wise. The bigger gauges suffer if you wnt to shoot straight loads because you need to duplex steel to...
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    2000fps 410 steel load ?

    1/4 oz to 120 grains of 9.5 will kill ducks 40 to 45 yards dead and big geese at 30 yards. Anyone that's shot this stuff will know that it will do amazing things. Tss has its place we all know it's not cheap it will make the subgauges do things not ever possible before. The guys shooting bismuth...
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    2000fps 410 steel load ?

    I don't think we are pushing tss fast enough the biggest problem is getting open patterns. Little to no choke and pretty much 95 percent patterns or better. I'd like to see some 2000 fps tss loads.
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    Some 410 Shotkam goose hunting

    Awesome footage. Which shotkam is that and what settings are you running?
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    2000fps 410 steel load ?

    I was referring to a 28ga load not 410. I have a 28ga lead load that is 5/8 oz at 1760.
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    2000fps 410 steel load ?

    I'm guessing they are using tss. Hal has a 5/8 oz load at 1495fps 7448 psi. How fast can you push it if it was loaded to 12500 psi. There's lot of room there. Cut the wad down take out the nitro card who knows what's obtainable. Is 2000 realistic hard to say. Be interesting to see what the range...
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    Browning New A5 Sweet Sixteen - Rust on Barrel

    Hornady one shot is your answer. Spray it down good wipe it down or don't. Stuff is amazing.
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    TSS Shot

    Go to pw decoys they have some numbers for you do search here derbyacresbob has posted numerous penetration numbers and has discussed went into detail on different sizes and effectiveness of it. Hal has many duplex loads with 1/4 oz to 120 grains of tss and steel. Those loads with 9.5 with...
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    TSS Shot

    Exactly why I haven't responded to this thread it turned into a $h!t$how in less than 5 posts. He wasn't looking for why how he should or shouldn't be using it. Buy it from hal he will give you load data Prairie wind has it also I believe.