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    Foot slap

    Dr. Duck, Hope for good results from the doctor. Dennis S. Rio Rancho, NM
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    Some Easter Bunny Patterns

    JP Good looking A-5 20 ga Mag. You must have a good friend from NM. Dennis S. New Mexico
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    Manitoba is Going to Lottery System for Americans in 2023?

    Afternoon All, Seems some confusion regarding binging back birds from our SK hunt over the border from my post. The good news is that we do follow all of the rules and guidelines for bringing waterfowl back into the US, always one wing attached to the breast and at least one wing attached/head...
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    Manitoba is Going to Lottery System for Americans in 2023?

    Good Afternoon All, We seem to forget that we are guest in the great North Country and what ever are the rules set by the provinces we need to abide by them. If you feel that they are two restrictive then you need to move on to another area of your choosing. I and my group of friend have been...
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    New Mexico Gun Legislation Alert

    Good Afternoon All, Just a heads up on the upcoming gun legislation that is working it way thru the Round House. Requesting that you take a look at them and call your Senate and House Rep. and express you views before they come up for a Vote. Several are a slippery slope leading to either...
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    Specks Are Headed North ...

    Several large groups of Sandhill Cranes heading North following I-25 here in Rio Rancho, NM the last several days. Also, large groups of Dark Geese heading North. Still winter in the North Land (Canada). Dennis S. Rio Rancho, NM
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    First goose for this season

    What no band. Dennis S. Rio Rancho, NM PS: Miss hunting he salt marshes of New Jersey, left in 1981 and headed West.
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    For Sale

    Sold 1/1/2023
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    Sitka Jacket

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    For Sale

    For Sale: Remington V3 Waterfowl Pro 12 ga 2 3/4 or 3" 28" BBL with Rem Choke System Syn. Stock Mossy Oak Shadow-grass Blades Factory Choke Tubes (3) Paper Work with Original Shipping box Cerakote Burnt Bronze barrel and receiver (factory) Photos on Request: $975.00 OBO Shipping cost split...
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    Sitka Jacket

    Sitka Duck Oven Jacket Color: Marsh Size: M Like new, can be picked up in Rio Rancho, or Albuquerque or shipped to your location. PM for photos $150.00 Dennis S. Rio Rancho, NM
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    For Sale Beretta A-400 Xtreme Plus

    Sold, pending funds.
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    For Sale Beretta A-400 Xtreme Plus

    For Sale: Beretta A-400 Xtreme Plus Semi-Auto 2 3/4 to 3 1/2 capability KO Recoil System 12 gage 30" Barrel Max 5 Camo Factory Hard Case, 5 Choke tubes and paper work $1475.00 Must follow New Mexico Gun Transfer guidelines working thru FFL license holder. Can be picked up in Albuquerque at...
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    Manitoba is Going to Lottery System for Americans in 2023?

    Just checking, has the final rule been made regarding the lottery? We freelance in Sask. since 1998 and have developed great friends in our area. I make the trip in September and then back up in late October with friends from the states since 1998. Plenty of area for everyone and we do have...
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    Great Trip to Saskatchewan this past week

    Just returned last night after a good week of chasing birds. Snowed for 2 days and made the fields wet but we did manage several hunts without getting the trailer stuck. New lab pup Molly did well (1 year old), some long retrieves in an wheat field with the standing White Goose looking around at...
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    Crossing the boarder with birds

    Heading back for second trip on October 21, 2022. No problem getting back into the states, US Custom did check the firearms again and looked on the coolers (196 birds), paper work filled out and off we went. Dennis S. Rio Rancho, NM
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    How to Delete a post either in classified or state forum?

    Thank you both for your reply. No icon to delete items. What I would like deleted is in the New Mexico Forum posted March 2, 2019 under GooseChaser1. Let me know if I need to do anything on my end. Again, thank you for your help on this. Best Regards, Dennis S. Rio Rancho, NM
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    How to Delete a post either in classified or state forum?

    How do I delete a post in classified and state forum? Dennis S. Rio Rancho, NM
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    Bird Flu Border Restrictions

    Our group is still hoping that this will change (policy), we are scheduled to leave on September 22, 2022 and then back again in October 22, 2022 to Saskatchewan. Trailer, dog, gear packed and ready to go with Canadian license, stamps in hand. Dennis S. Rio Rancho, NM