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    This is today's society

    I don’t see that happening in my Father’s Day.
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    License Cost !?!

    They can demand a lot of things. If left to their own accord California would demand taxes from all the other states.
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    License Cost !?!

    That was my point. If recruiting the next generation is essential to the future of hunting then maybe we need to rethink what we are charging. We need enough money to run the wildlife programs, but you hit a point where higher fees means less revenue. If money is an issue, maybe we need to be...
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    This doesn’t sound good

    How many times have they stated they are not after your hunting guns, so that means they are after every gun not used for a sporting purpose. Eliminate hunting, now what happens to your guns. Even if they don’t end hunting all at once they have an incremental mindset. We loose a little at a...
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    License Cost !?!

    Here are the current rates if anyone is interested. Lifetime Fishing Licenses License Category Fee Description Ages 0-9 $644.50 Available to residents of California. Lifetime fishing licenses are valid for 365 days from the date of issuance. Ages 10-39 $1,054.25 Ages 40-61...
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    Jane Fonda tells us...

    If she would only pull her lip over her head and swallow…
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    License Cost !?!

    Damn compliant tax paying group here for sure. King George needed you guys back around 1776 LOL.
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    License Cost !?!

    Wow. Great way to recruit new hunters. 23.25 to shoot an upland bird, 37.29 for a duck validation, 198.98 for type A pass. Can anything edible besides squirrels or rabbits be hunted with just the license at 58.58? I know, it is all for a good cause, LOL. I just wish Bonham would take his well...
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    Bullet size...

    I have shot probably 8 elk with a 270 win. and Nosler accubonds. 130s. All cows. Shot 1 bull with the .270 because my 30 cal.with 180s had broke down. No problems but I accepted the fact I could not get sloppy with shot placement. Never used a 6.5 on elk but with well constructed bullets I don’t...
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    Non lethal home defense

    Rubber bullets will leave a mark, but I used some non lethal bean bag rounds on a bear once, neither of us were impressed.
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    Nevada draw

    I hunted Likley a couple of years ago. Not a lot of targets. Found a mature buck second season and felt lucky to kill him. Friend had the same tag, then they closed the forest. Garden was off limits, had to sneak in to retrieve camp, LOL. Friends tag was refunded. Hunted another unit with him...
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    Nevada draw

    Best way to hunt them, and F you Chuck Bonham for pushing Brown to sign the bill banning our dogs.
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    Nevada draw

    It is really simple. You get one application per hunt you are eligible for. Bull Elk, Cow Elk, Desert Sheep, etc... You get up to 5 zone picks per hunt. If they draw your number, you get whatever is available on your application, starting with pick number one. If none of your choices are...
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    Nevada draw

    Nevada has probably the best draw in the west, IMO. Every available tag is fair game and with squared points it pays to stay in the game. Wish Ca, had done similar. Our preference points lock to many out of available tags. What amazes me is how much demand there is. 80,000+ hunters sent in...
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    Big Game app ??

    Not getting any easier to draw, lots of Nevada guys are licking their wounds now from not drawing the other day. If we had real horse management, controlled the predation rates, and managed habitat for game, just imagine what could be. We know what needs to be done but the religion of...
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    Big Game app ??

    Here is a link to the big game digest. In the stats it will show you how many points were needed last year. X6A was a 5 point minimum for the preference draw.
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    Home Covid test??

    I am pretty sure Covid is endemic at this point. No need to over react, just stay away from others if sick. This goes for just being sick in general. Lots of stuff out there besides Covid, and a few things we have not seen in a while, like Polio.
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    The 7th appeals court just blinked.

    Had a teacher try to sell the Living Constitution BS to me when I was in School. Here is an excerpt, In the words of Scalia “ Originalism has been replaced with the “Living Constitution” — When originalism was the accepted theory of interpretation, activist judges had to resort to lying about...
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    If you have a Ford Edge, sell it.

    Add 10 hours for us shade tree guys, LOL. And they wonder why some of us still drive our old trucks. Have you had the pleasure of working on an EV yet?
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    New lawsuit to get rid of the 10 day waiting period in California.

    Red Flag laws are used to willfully and intentionally strip people of their constitutional rights, that is what they do. I understand the advertised intent, but if we are going to have Red Flag laws, due process would need to be initiated immediately and if that requires that we hire more judges...