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  1. ducksinthekayak

    Grasslands yesterday...

    It was a fun morning at a grassland wildlife area we got our 3 limits and birds were still flying when we got back to the parking lot. Fog was perfect for keeping the birds moving.
  2. ducksinthekayak

    2022-23 Banded Birds

    From opening weekend. Bird was probably from the same banding effort as in the previous post from David O: Hen gadwall. Too Young to Fly. Banded at Summer Lake on 8/25/2022. Buddy shot a banded Drake Gadwall a few minutes later that was banded in 2018 at Tyler Island.
  3. ducksinthekayak

    Brag on your dog

  4. ducksinthekayak

    Delta Island survey

    This is associated with MWD planning to rehabilitate one of the delta islands they bought.
  5. ducksinthekayak

    Who’s fish’n?

    Soon as duck season ends the blind comes off and it's time to fish.
  6. ducksinthekayak

    OK... Lets hear about the worst gun you've owned.

    Stoeger m2000. Did the same click on the trigger pull that Benelli's are well known for. Tried to fix it with new springs, keeping it clean, making sure the bolt was all the way in, but nothing helped. Got mad at it one day from only firing 3 times on over dozen chances at birds that the barrel...
  7. ducksinthekayak

    Do you think the reservation system is to cheap at 1.37 a pop ? Or......

    Allow people to feed the cow it helps fund the Wildlife Areas but limit to only drawing 1 reservation per hunt day. Tired seeing people that get multiple reservations drawn on one hunt day which leads them to ask the internet if they should pick #2 Yolo or #21 Volta or #189 Grizzly or #1 S...
  8. ducksinthekayak

    You lovin the refuge system this year ???

    Not complaining too much as the 6 draws I got were all top 10 (3 Sac/Del 1 Yolo and 2 grasslands). In late December and January avoided wildlife areas on Saturday due to the crowding and hunted by boat. But not getting drawn once for a grasslands wildlife area (put in for every day of the...
  9. ducksinthekayak ya rating this one boys and girls?

    Numbers wise most ducks and geese I've shot in a season around 6.5 bird/hunt. However a few videos on the internet and social media posts have led to more crowding at a few public places I had been frequenting regularly but guess that helped push me to hunt other spots that I haven't tried in...
  10. ducksinthekayak

    How did they know?

    Opossums do something like that. Had birds hanging overnight while staying out on the delta and found one of the birds picked clean only the head/wings were still feathered and hanging. The next night sitting and drinking on the deck see a pack of 4 opossums underneath the ducks. One of them...
  11. ducksinthekayak

    FML (Free MaLlard)

    Yum. Had a few mallards and pintail and even a grouse so far this year with that nasty stuff.
  12. ducksinthekayak

    Wed report

    Up at a NVR 2 shooters 2 limits no spoons were harmed mostly teal with gadwall, pintail, and wood ducks. But once the fog burned off the flight was over quick.
  13. ducksinthekayak

    Pheasants in Banos area?

    Midday at LB when we left on Sunday 2 roosters had been checked out for the weekend so far. For all the ground covered with 4 dogs and 4 people Saturday and 3 dogs with 2 people Sunday seen 8 pheasants only 2 were roosters and 1 of em got shot.
  14. ducksinthekayak

    Most Effective & Durable Motion Decoys

    I have both the Higdon Pulsators and the Lucky Duck Agitator. Like both for the motion they make but the lucky duck is more reliable and designed better. The Higdon Pulsators have had issues with the wiring, timers, batteries becoming corroded from moisture and the batteries only last 1/2 a...
  15. ducksinthekayak

    Who killed duck hunting?

    Mallards and puddle ducks on the delta don't need to fly to the stinky delta water when there's fields of flooded half harvested corn on the delta island clubs. They are loaded with birds that never leave or venture off the islands.
  16. ducksinthekayak

    The dirty delta

    All the places you listed got plenty of "duck" boats roaming the levees for birds to fly over. I used to avoid levee shooting but I'll admit I've succumb to dragging knuckles and pass shooting off the rich man's land. In no way is it sporting or that exciting but something to do after shooting...