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  1. ptarmigan

    Kid's hunting photos official thread

    This will be my boys first year duck hunting, so unfortunately no duck pics yet. Here's a few from some other successful hunts for the kids though. Oldest with his first bou. Bunny hunting Nephew with his first ptarmigan Oldest with a little meat bull. Only one we saw the whole trip!
  2. ptarmigan

    Gas stoves

    Nearly our whole city uses gas. You can see the rigs in the inlet from the hillside. It’d be rough if everyone had to convert to electric at some point. Don’t see it happening though.
  3. ptarmigan

    Cheechako from Alaska

    Thanks! My oldest has been moose and caribou hunting with me for years. My nephew for the last couple. My youngest isn’t really into those 7-10 day hunts, but likes day hunts. He’s expressed interest in duck hunting and that kinda lit the fire. Going to sign them up for shotgun league this...
  4. ptarmigan

    Cheechako from Alaska

    New here and am enjoying the information on this site. I haven’t duck hunted since the early 90’s growing up in Maine and now my boys want to. Perfect excuse to get back into it! I’ve got 9 months to get ready. Just picked up 4 shotguns for me, my two boys, and my nephew that lives with us...