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  1. Pot Hole

    Performance Black Labrador Puppies

    Cross posted in the Refuge's Gun Dog Classifieds. Two black (yellow factored) male pups available from a litter whelped May 14th. As you can see from the link provided below, these dogs check all the boxes when it comes to field and Hunt Test lineage that is genetically predisposed with strong...
  2. Pot Hole

    Performance Male Black Labrador Puppies (NC)

    If you are looking for a pup from strong Field Trial/Hunt Test lineage whose parents also have excelled in the field, this breeding should check all your boxes. Located in Mount Ulla, NC, I have two black (yellow factored) male pups available that will be ready for their new homes around the...
  3. Pot Hole

    Smartwork training question.

    E-collar use should only occur after the dog has been fully obedience trained and has received the proper conditioning to give the appropriate response (on-lead) to e-collar stimulation. Failure to follow the steps for e-collar introduction can result in the dog balking or worse, completely...
  4. Pot Hole

    Stands and stakes for full bodies.

    Either buy or make you a dirt dagger from Dive Bomb. We made two of them to keep in our decoy trailers and they work great. Buy the stainless daggers from DB (about $16) and have a local welding shop fab you up a couple of handles made from solid 3/4" steel rod. Use a piece of 3/4" flat bar...
  5. Pot Hole

    Dead Swan from lead posioning @ Lake Matt.

    Lead shot was deposited in the lake from who knows when until it was banned in '92. Even if the lead did eventually migrate down further into the soft bottom, why would this just now become an issue? It's been there for decades and clearly swans have been grubbing the lake each year since the...
  6. Pot Hole

    Dead Swan from lead posioning @ Lake Matt.

    Okay, if I read your comment correctly, you are saying any prior lead distribution in the lake would essentially be limited to deeper water where only swans would have access to it otherwise all other bottom feeding species of waterfowl would potentially have been affected. If that's the case...
  7. Pot Hole

    Decoy Cart

    These work great. Ride high, can use them in muddy areas as well as picked corn fields. Will hold 1400 lbs and sides come off if need be. Can be hooked to an ATV if necessary. We keep two in all our decoy trailers. Watch FB Marketplace and you can find them for around $100. Groundworks...
  8. Pot Hole

    Dead Swan from lead posioning @ Lake Matt.

    Interesting that the dead fowl were limited to swans. Given that they share habitat and food sources with many other species of waterfowl, kinda surprised they were the only ones affected.
  9. Pot Hole

    Cost and availability of hunting ammunition???

    I'm guessing manufacturing costs (and possibly availability) as it's hard for me to imagine that the basic components of a steel shotshell have gone up that much.
  10. Pot Hole

    Cost and availability of hunting ammunition???

    Ah, the good old days......
  11. Pot Hole

    Canada Geese

    I think before I would attempt to set up there, I would verify whether or not geese are actually using the creek for a resting/loafing spot or are they just passing over the creek on their way to their feeding location. I know folks have shot geese in swamps around here before, but if I had my...
  12. Pot Hole

    Wanted. Ole Pal duck and goose calls

    I taught Jeff how to train retrievers many moons ago. ;) I need to tell him the brass barrel holder on the call he gave me is starting to break down. Maybe he can get me a replacement.
  13. Pot Hole

    Wanted. Ole Pal duck and goose calls

    I have one of his wooden calls, but I haven't thought about parting with it.
  14. Pot Hole

    Cranes are fun

    There were a few that didn't make it to TX ;)
  15. Pot Hole

    The Mad Duck

    My sincere condolences to his family. He will be missed on here
  16. Pot Hole

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Same to you!
  17. Pot Hole

    Gotta Love Fall

    About as Northwest as you can get :tu
  18. Pot Hole

    Gotta Love Fall

    Especially here in Rowan County when the first waterfowl season split rolls around. ;)