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  1. darkvibe

    "Hybrid" boat pics

    Mine is mostly stock. I replaced the air box with a cone filter and water shedding cover and put a hotdog muffler on it, but everything else is factory. My hybrid is about 7ft long and has a square nose. I can get 4mph with it empty. A little less with a bunch of stuff. The motor is already...
  2. darkvibe

    "Hybrid" boat pics

    Do you have any info on that 125cc briggs that fits the mini swamp runner? I have one but have the 79cc predator on it. I tried google but am not seeing a 125cc briggs that would fit.
  3. darkvibe

    I….I……I’m in Love

    No better way to prove people from your region are better than by acting pretentious.
  4. darkvibe


    Maybe he likes to sunbathe naked. I'd rather see a privacy fence. :scratch edit: someone beat me to the joke :confused:
  5. darkvibe

    Good News from the Courts

    This doesn't set any precedent.
  6. darkvibe

    Carolina Squat…..Say What?

    Proof that the gene pool needs a little bleach.
  7. darkvibe

    Hunting Unicorns

    Traded a Weller 107 for it.
  8. darkvibe


    For sockets and ratchets it's hard to beat Pittsburgh from harbor freight. Unlike their power tools the harbor freight socket sets work fine and are adequate quality.
  9. darkvibe

    Anyone worn Brunt workwear boots?

    I know every company has a comp toe boot, but I'm looking for a comp toe boot that blends in when I'm in the office. Brunt has a comp toe, wedge sole, waterproof, uninsulated moc toe boot that I like. There are barely any companies making this. I just see so much advertising online from...
  10. darkvibe

    Anyone worn Brunt workwear boots?

    Thoughts on comfort and quality for Brunt workwear boots? I need some new shoes that work with business casual attire in the office but also OK for construction sites. I refuse to ever buy steel toe again, so I need composite toe which limits my options. Always been a red wings or...
  11. darkvibe

    "Hybrid" boat pics

    I held off on posting these for a long time hoping MissedAgain would either go back into business or post them himself. After 4+ years of waiting, he hasn't had a working website in several years or replied to correspondence and even posted here that he planned to share plans openly, so I guess...
  12. darkvibe

    MeatEater Buys DSD

    I love my pre-meateater fhf bino harness but I'm not giving my money to Peter Chernin.
  13. darkvibe

    Minn kota or motor guide??

    I have a motorguide x3. Had it for 4 years and zero issues. I'd recommend it. With that said id never buy their electric steer xi3 or xi5. Horrible track record of software issues.
  14. darkvibe

    Rate my new hat from 1 to 5 stars

    Brim looks a little flat.
  15. darkvibe

    A new low for Bobby Guy

    Who is Bobby Guy?
  16. darkvibe

    Wader strap alterations

    I has the seams ripped and the elastic shortened and resewn when my frogg toggs were new.
  17. darkvibe

    Ultimate bunk board

    They are made of HDPE.
  18. darkvibe

    "wildfed" tv show maine harlequin?

    I got the same message from the guys account in response to a comment I made about it on the wildfed page.
  19. darkvibe

    Blackstone griddle

    Finally seasoned mine and used it.
  20. darkvibe

    Treated or marine grade?

    I've always been told that pressure treated wood reacts with aluminum and corrodes it. I'm not an expert in that stuff but probably worth researching.