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    switching to TSS - 3 questions from a neophyte

    You've got plenty of time to work up a duplex load of bismuth and TSS. Hal or Dave could give you some help too. I did one for my 28ga. In a one oz load, 5/8 TSS#9 = 223 pellets @ 1250fps 1.5 gel penetration, @ 2000 ft elev; 68.7 yds. 3/8 bis #4 =57 pellets, @ 1250 1.5 gel penetration, @...
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    BlindGrass Camouflage Systems

    Anyone know if cows eat the material? I imagine they would.
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    6 green and a pin

    Portuguese mallard when I was a kid, (I'm 50% Portuguese), shot them on a dairy pond in Milpitas, many years ago, come to think of it, a Portuguese dairy
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    You guys know anybody that drowned or almost drowned while wading?

    yes, a friend's son while duck hunting, his boat started to float away and he went after it. I don't think he had a safety belt around his waders.
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    Rio a sub for Fed Gold Medal Grand

    The Longshot only has a psi of 8,900, will that be ok below 20 deg or colder
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    Rio a sub for Fed Gold Medal Grand

    My Lyman 5th doesn't have a 1420fps with 1 1/4 oz, it does have a 1320 with 28gr Longshot and Fed 12S4, which I don't have, but I do have CB-WAA12F114. How does this wad work with an over-bored Beretta unico, I'm loading for a friend?
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    Rio a sub for Fed Gold Medal Grand

    I'm trying to work up a lead load for pheasant so LS won't work. I'm bagging the Rio idea until I can get it tested. After reading my notes, I saw that BTJ said don't exchange primers with Longshot in a given load. I have enough Fed Grands and CCI 209M to do a field, lead load in Lyman 5th ed...
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    Rio a sub for Fed Gold Medal Grand

    I figure using a Rio hull with Rio 209 primers, should be similar to a Fed GM hull with a Fed 209A, especially if shot in a 3 1/2 mag. Am I ok with this? They'll be shot in a 3 1/2" mag, the loads with the Fed GM are with Fed 209A and have a psi of 8,500-8,900in Lyman's 5th ed, lead 1 1/4 oz.
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    Rio a sub for Fed Gold Medal Grand

    I'm having a hard time finding Gold Medal Grands; would a Rio 1 oz "wing and target " be a substitute? My salt volume assay (5 hulls each) showed an average volume for the RIO to be 338.9 gr and 334 for the Grand.
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    GAEP crimp finish vs roll crimp

    Ravenanme, when do you use the GAEP, after the pre-crimp or after the final fold crimp?
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    GAEP crimp finish vs roll crimp

    Do you remember the crimp depth between the two?
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    GAEP crimp finish vs roll crimp

    thank-you, any idea how much the precrimp fold and GAEP finish increases the pressure over a fold crimp?
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    GAEP crimp finish vs roll crimp

    I'm finally loading some HG loads and my notes (from multiple forums) mention you can GAEP "finish" the load, I interpret this to mean to use the GAEP after the shell has a fold crimp. This is different than doing a straight and only roll crimp. I also have a note to reduce the load by one...
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    Fold vs Roll crimp? My dilemma.

    My KPY says hevi shot #6, 1 oz, has 206 pellets
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    What are you doing different next season?

    try for a cinnamon teal in CA this year but long way from MT and diesel keeps going up