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  1. Dan Mallia

    License Cost !?!

    Thank goodness I bought the lifetime license years ago, I’m sure it’s paid for itself two or three times. I wish they’d had a big game package without the pigs tags, I didn’t add that option and I’m sure the price of that has went up since I went the lifetime route. All the cost of doing...
  2. Dan Mallia


    To replace my truck which I purchased brand new, 2004 F-250 4x4, extended cab, longbed, would be around $70k, maybe more. Craziness. I’ve had the whole motor refurbished along with a lot of other stuff and it’s still going strong at 388k miles and it’s paid for. The above is my daily driver...
  3. Dan Mallia


    YOLO :dv
  4. Dan Mallia

    Tim Grounds Super Speck For Sale

    Tim Grounds Super Speck. Call never left the house, great shape. Birds Eye Maple. $175 Shipped
  5. Dan Mallia

    CA Classifieds

    New in the box VORTEX CROSSFIRE II 2-7X32 with rings pictured. $175 shipped
  6. Dan Mallia

    First attempt with a bow

    This is great advice. I’ve missed a couple great P&Y blacktails and a few turkeys, because of this!
  7. Dan Mallia

    First attempt with a bow

    With the winter/spring we've had, it definitely a bit easier to hide with the grass at waist high! Keep after em.
  8. Dan Mallia

    Turkey calls

    I'm with mudhen on the Paul and Halloran box calls, and have added a few of his pot calls to the vests.......
  9. Dan Mallia

    Mexico Gould’s

    Great pics. Going after these birds sooner than later, bucket list for sure!
  10. Dan Mallia

    Decoy Stake

    I have a lot of DSD jake/hen stakes that have that familiar bend to them. I just started buying another stake when I get a decoy. It's only money! :l
  11. Dan Mallia

    Turkey Recipes (looking for your 1-2 go to recipes)

    I did some fried pecan/breadcrumb encrusted tenderloins with a honey/sriracha/mustard sauce recipe that I saw on instagram, it was damn good.
  12. Dan Mallia

    First attempt with a bow

    I love hunting turkeys with my bow. Mudhen is going to think I'm nuts saying this but I prefer it over shooting them with a gun. :l I practice shooting with a mask on and from the seated position as everything gets a little heated when there's turkeys in the decoys doing their thing.
  13. Dan Mallia

    Reservation statistics

    While we’re fixing the license and revenue branch, how about e-licenses, stamps and tags!
  14. Dan Mallia

    The SCOTUS may end all assault weapons and mag ban.

    Rocks. Don’t forget rocks.
  15. Dan Mallia

    Reservation statistics

    It would be interesting to see how many people actually draw two NE zone opener reservations….. I like the no lottery, no FC/FS for the opener of the NE Zone refuges. Seriously, how many slots are we talking about with no shows and multiple draws….. 10? I get it, there’s a loss of...
  16. Dan Mallia

    The best of homemade

  17. Dan Mallia

    Can the salmon guys explain…..

    Mitch, thanks for the clarification on how it’d go down…..
  18. Dan Mallia

    Can the salmon guys explain….. So they’re planting these fish in the McCloud River above Shasta Lake……….. Trying to understand how they’re going to sustain themselves. Is Shasta going to be the “ocean” they return too?
  19. Dan Mallia

    Starting to be some creative thinking/solutions for future of Tulare Lake

    The fishery is unfortunately never going to come back to what they were, period… I think it’s time for people to start realizing that and adjusting their expectations…..
  20. Dan Mallia

    Starting to be some creative thinking/solutions for future of Tulare Lake

    No amount of money (unless it’s used to payoff everybody that feels their use of the water is the most important, the farmers, the tribes, the fisherman, whomever, etc) is going to magically fix the lack of water going to the refuges. Plain and simple. If I’m incorrect, and somebody please...