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    Four Rivers Refuge Runner for sale

    Guess not
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    We moved a mile out of town 5 years ago. While still in town our neighbor to the north was a drunk dumb f#!%. He went into my fenced back yard 2 times one week and let my lab out. Said he felt sorry for her in the heat. Which the dog could enter garage thru dog door which was cooled. Came...
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    OT: Zero turn mower deck problems.

    the one Bolt is in backwards.
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    O/T angle grinder, what am I doing wrong?

    Harbaugh has it right! All day everyday. Your asking for trouble with anything else
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    Non lethal home defense

    Grif said it best. You will know if you need to use deadly force. Wife and I were woke up one night at 2:30 in the morning to somebody pounding on the door. I had the benelli with me, and yelled thru the door that it better quit and he leave. Kept beating on the door. I called the cops...
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    Turning into that guy

    My wife owns a large daycare center and I’ve watched several people, several times throw their dog chit bags in her dumpster. After several times asking a few people to discard in their own garbages, I took a chitty diaper to each persons house and set it on top of their garbage and explained...
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    April 10th Canada Goose hunt

    Just like Kansans
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    Dog death due to avian flu

    What about OZZY
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    Cooler Instructions bwaaaaaaaahhh!!!

    I love my yeti hopper 30 soft coolers. Magnetic closer and the magnet won’t leak. Kinda of a ****** to load a case of beer into but you can get done.
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    Ready set When do we get to go

    Salt, I hope you picked up your socks yesterday! Didn’t expect to wake up to 5 inches of new snow this morning. Miserable chit
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    Ready set When do we get to go

    i hear you. I’m lucky enough to spend time with dad several days a week. We talk or at least text several times a day. I’m sorry to hear about your grandfather.
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    Ready set When do we get to go

    We have a 32’ pit 1/2 mile off the Missouri River. I plowed snow for half a day with track skid loader to be able to access it 3 weeks ago. Hauled 1700 full bodies out to it. Set up heaters to thaw it all out For my dad. He killed 43 mon, 22 yesterday and 30+ today. By himself. I hate...
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    Ready set When do we get to go

    My dad whacked 43 this afternoon by himself They are still pouring into the area
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    Ready set When do we get to go

    Mines heard it all too. Now she says, see you sometime after dark.
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    Ready set When do we get to go

    Get to the Yankton vermillion area. I know of 3 spreads piling them up today.
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    Ready set When do we get to go

    Decent numbers pushed north again yesterday to the vermillion to Yankton area. We had an estimated 3 million here a week ago and they all pushed back south and hr or so do to 2 snow falls. Hit 51 yesterday and fields are all but bare again. They will be here again today. And they aren’t going...
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    Ready set When do we get to go

    I’d say head south and start checking for geese from Wagner and east. Should be loaded up around Springfield. After about noon today we will have no snow left south of hwy 46 to the Missouri River. I’m guessing the geese that pushed back south will be back in the area by noon to mid...
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    What Y'all Cooking?

    Where’s the mornings 2nd soda
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    There are zero birds north of I-90. Snow line is about 20-30 miles south of there. If you guys need help getting on any ground in SESD, pm me and I can help. Lived around here my whole life and get on about anything. Kill them all!
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    What Y'all Cooking?