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  1. mtncntrykid

    Last time you were blown away.

    The next one i pick up usually has a level of awwww factor but there is always a decrease or increase factor as time and field work brings out the true feelings I finally settle with. With that being said, I have picked up old calls I have shelved a few years later to find a refresh of the...
  2. mtncntrykid

    Gas and oil lease

    Allow them to do a test drilling only that they will pay you for and and if they choose to persue a full fledged extracting operation you can then bring a lawyer into the picture to represent you and the contract on your side. Until then you are gambling with your personal money by hiring a...
  3. mtncntrykid

    Gas and oil lease

    As said previously, these are pretty standardized and unless your talking huge sections it wouldn't be profitable to lawyer up. The income won't probably justify the attorney fee. I have mineral rights in Kansas and Montana and even though there are two separate companies in control, they...
  4. mtncntrykid

    OT mountain rifle

    I've had experience with both and the Tikka's have won the comparisons. You won't find a tighter more precise machined gun from the factory anywhere and the trigger and bolt systems are as good as any Timmeny or custom equipment made.
  5. mtncntrykid

    If you were a shotgun, what gauge would you be?

    I'll be a 10 just because every time I get my trigger pulled I'm going to kick some azz!
  6. mtncntrykid

    What else do you hunt

    September is archery elk. October is LR rifle deer and waterfowl beginner til end of January. Crappie usually start about March with Kokanee right behind til 4th July. Then start getting ready for September opener again.
  7. mtncntrykid

    Re-seasoning a cast iron skillet

    As mentioned earlier.....garage/estate sales are your friend for cast iron.
  8. mtncntrykid

    Re-seasoning a cast iron skillet

    X2 only way to go.
  9. mtncntrykid

    410 differences

    Stump, have you changed the BT since the first run also? I got the BT when you first offered it and I think I read somewhere then that you were hunting the .410 on your lanyard then? Just wondering if BT is in 2nd or 3rd gen at this point?
  10. mtncntrykid

    410 differences

    Is there a soundbite of these somewhere Trevor?
  11. mtncntrykid

    410 differences

    FTM on my lanyard currently. I have been thru the spectrum and while Stump's calls are all great calls the FTM was also the one I settled on. The curiosity about changes he made to the .410 were just too strong not to see for myself.
  12. mtncntrykid

    410 differences

    I had been questioning the difference in the beginning .410 models and the latest versions for awhile now. Had the first run and wasn't a big enough fan to replace my T1 with it on the lanyard. This thread and you guys today pushed me into trying another out so I also purchased one of the Black...
  13. mtncntrykid

    20, or 28 gauge?

    Exactly! You just have such a better way of saying it.
  14. mtncntrykid

    20, or 28 gauge?

    I might be thinking wrong but here goes. I hunted a 20ga for many years of waterfowling but as I got older It seemed the recoil was getting to me. One day I asked my hunting partner if we could switch guns and let me try the gas operated 12ga to see a comparison. I was shocked at the lesser...
  15. mtncntrykid

    Pretty drive....

    Southwest idaho here and agree with above posts. It had seemed to me that the last 5 years or so the migration of geese headed back up north seem to stage here earlier in spring than before. I think the climate changes are allowing the birds to creep up north a little further than they used to...
  16. mtncntrykid

    What Ya'all Taking for Cholesterol

    I'm on the Keto train as well. Have been for 6 years and have eliminated diabetes, blood pressure in normal and better, hdl and ldl's are now in excellent ranges, triglycerides are perfect, my afib has not been an issue in 4 years and I lost over 100 lbs. I'm not a big sugar or carb supporter...
  17. mtncntrykid

    Is your avatar dog picture your current dog?

    I think that's a great looking dog!
  18. mtncntrykid

    Looking Forward to This Movie

    And me also.
  19. mtncntrykid

    Is your avatar dog picture your current dog?

    Yes, current but she was 3yo in the pix. She is now 10yo and getting a new playmate in about 3 months.
  20. mtncntrykid

    Shoot to kill or wound ?

    What are the chances that after you wound the assailant he will use his weapon on approaching defenders with the mindset to attack them with a "wound only" thinking? You wound an assailant and everyone involved is still at danger, probably even more so. See how wounding a wild animal causes...