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    License Cost !?!

    It’s definitely worth it to buy the lifetime license and packages. If you hunt big game, waterfowl, and upland game it pays itself off in less than 10 years!
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    License Cost !?!

    The prices are absolutely ridiculous. I can’t believe how many guys on here are okay with these prices. As a resident you’re suppose to kind of get a break when it comes to hunting fees. I pay LESS in practically every other western state for my license and application fees. I’m all for paying...
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    Freezing breasts with skin on: when will fat go rancid?

    I am having trouble finding any information about this online. I understand that fat needs to be rendered in order to save for the long haul in the freezer, but what about if you’re trying to save a duck breast with skin on? There is fat attached to the skin that is not rendered and could go...
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    2022-23 Banded Birds

    Black Brant, shot Dec 2022 - hatched 2010 or earlier
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    Science lost today............ Thanks CWA.

    Is there a copy anywhere online of Melanie Weavers presentation? Would be very interested in checking it out.
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    Age of users on the Fuge

    This really worries me. I'm 25 and want to see duck hunting around for generations to come, as would anyone on the forum, and as much as I hate it when other hunters take up all the spots at my local refuge, we need the percentage of younger hunters to be even with the number of hunters going...

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