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  1. Woodduck31

    Airbrush tips and tricks

    I thought this sticky was locked, but since it's till ongoing, I'll add another thing I learned this week. Now this is going to go down in the category of things someone has already figured out most likely, but they just didn't share it with me. I started using a new style #5 paasche vl and...
  2. Woodduck31

    If you could only have 5 dozen waterfowl decoys,,,,

    the black duck is just for visibility on the small water and close to the bank areas that are hard to see. I've only shot two black ducks in my life, a hen in eastern Kansas and a drake within about 4 miles of the Illinois river near Pittsfield, Ill. The Illinois black was sitting with a bunch...
  3. Woodduck31

    Enjoying Life

    We've got our yearly quail nesting behind my shed in the back yard. We live right at the city limits with the Bennet hills in the background. I took this photo from the bedroom window last spring, the hen had 15 chicks under her, all about the size of a quarter. We have a few pairs of quail...
  4. Woodduck31

    Tanglefree Speck Floaters - Plastic Surgery

    nice work. I did design two head positions for that one Kumduck, but they only made one. Their new designs have two head poses, but I didn't design those.
  5. Woodduck31

    Water bottle decoys?

    I remember my dad having some of those decoys that had bodies made out of two litre bottles with a molded plastic head and keel section, I don't remember how effective they were. I never saw them again after i got done with college, so apparently he wasn't impressed. Our decoys back then...
  6. Woodduck31

    Too many decoys

    I'm not sure what a vacuum molding machine would cost these days. This was one at the university plastics department where my dad taught and I'm sure it would be a couple thousand these days and was big enough to mold goose shells. Getting the thickness you wanted was usually a guess, we had...
  7. Woodduck31

    If I had known

    I often wonder if the last time I did something, be it hiking to a mountain lake, decoying divers on the Snake River or bear hunting, would be the last time I got to go. I've been sidelined with some health issues since October, only went fishing once in November, never went duck hunting and...
  8. Woodduck31

    Proverbs 26

    It's hard given the recent circumstance, hard not to get defensive. A similar advice given by my great grandpa and passed down to each generation since was for young marrieds. He would say to the new husband and wife, "never get mad at the same time". Kind of profound when you think of it...
  9. Woodduck31

    Proverbs 26

    20Without wood, a fire goes out; without gossip, a conflict ceases. 21Like charcoal for embers and wood for fire, so is a quarrelsome man for kindling strife.
  10. Woodduck31

    Character traits

    Colossians 3 came into mind today a lot. I was thinking primarily about vs 12-14 and the list of things we are supposed to clothe ourselves in, Christian character traits. One thing I'm really working consciously toward is "kindness". My grandpa was the kindest man I think I've ever known. I...
  11. Woodduck31

    2 Timothy 3

    A post Fsbirdhouse made got me thinking about the condition we are in with this current culture. Things have been bad throughout history, but I'll admit things are going bad at a much faster pace than we can even keep up with. This wasn't going to be a surprise to the Apostle Paul. We are...
  12. Woodduck31

    Mouth Calling Ducks and Geese

    The first time I tried it was 1976, on a small lake north of Emporia, Ks. I had a PE class my freshman year in college and the teacher would just tell us to go run, so I did, I ran around the building and back home just off campus and went duck hunting. While I was watching empty skies on a...
  13. Woodduck31

    Phillipians 2

    Continuing with Phillipians 2, especially vs 14. I try to load the dishwasher and clean up the countertop in the kitchen in the morning before my wife gets out of bed. It's just one of those jobs that she just hates to do and I'll hear lots of grumbling and complaining under her breath when...
  14. Woodduck31

    Phillipians 2

    While I was sitting in the shop with 120 cedar boards and an orbital sander in my hand today, these verses in Phillipians kept running through my head. I don't really know why, but after so many years of memorizing scriptures things just pop into my head that way when I've got my headphones on...
  15. Woodduck31

    Garden 2023

    I didn’t trellis them but should have. The berries had me picking too close to the ground with the weight on the limbs. I’m making starts this year and will move them and build a trellis with our western red cedar scraps
  16. Woodduck31

    Garden 2023

    I was kind of shocked at our black berry production myself. I was used to picking them wild on the farm in southeast kansas up till we moved in 1991. I remember picking 5 gallons in the waterway around the pecan trees over the course of a couple of days. I wore long sleeves and hip boots to...
  17. Woodduck31

    Garden 2023

    we put our small garden in over the weekend with the grandkids and daughter in law. Good little workers and their mother is really helpful with gardening chores. I have four blackberry plants that usually produce 10 to 20 gallons of berries and added some strawberries to the permanent crop...
  18. Woodduck31

    If you could only have 5 dozen waterfowl decoys,,,,

    I guess that's right Salthunter, wood ducks are around, but never in numbers where I've ever felt having wood duck decoys ever benefited me. I've made a lot of them, but don't used them myself. I'm more of a targeted species kind of guy, we get migrations of a variety of species and I used to...
  19. Woodduck31

    If you could only have 5 dozen waterfowl decoys,,,,

    3 common goldeneye drakes, 5 barrows goldeneye drakes, 9 bufflehead hens, 2 bufflehead drakes, 2 canvasback, drake and hen, 5 redhead drakes, 5 eclipsed redhead drakes, 2 redhead hens, 2 canada geese, 2 specks, 2 drake pintails, 1 hen pintail, 7 wigeon drakes, 3 wigeon hens, 3 drake ringneck, 3...
  20. Woodduck31


    I would think that with any hobby that if you put in enough time you would get some level of proficiency. I only have a few things I'd consider a hobby at this stage in my life. I garden, but it's more work than fun for the most part in this rock garden they call Idaho. Living in the desert...

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