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  1. J

    It's on the way back.

    Smuggling drugs is a crime. It doesn't matter what country you're convicted in.
  2. J

    It's on the way back.

    She has been convicted of drug smuggling.
  3. J

    Hunting Pressure this year High? or Low?

    It's been crazy here in Montana. Seems like everyone has turned to hunting waterfowl.
  4. J

    Any duck hunters on this forum?

    Been a good season so far. Three hunts this season with 15 ducks, 2 geese, and 20ish coots.
  5. J

    Banded ducks.

    Average around 100 birds/year for 12 years of hunting and have never seen a band. I don't know why but I'd like to get one.
  6. J

    New gear for this season…

    Nothing new this year.
  7. J

    Question, How Many?

    Either by myself or with my wife. Sometimes my son comes but he's busy with his own family. Once or twice a year I'll bring a friend.
  8. J

    Shot size for ducks

    Use 3 shot for ducks and geese.
  9. J

    Cleaning solvents agents choices

    I hunt several times a year in - 20 F. Had to switch from Hoopes to a synthetic. With Hoppes would have problems cycling. After switching to a synthetic never had a problem.
  10. J

    Hardest kicking Shotgun

    Benelli Nova. The only gun I ever sold.
  11. J

    Waterfowl Hunting: Your Way

    Hunt public land on the Missouri or Smith rivers. Try to get into my spots around 330 am to ensure I get the spot I want. Hike into my spots and set out as many decoys as I can carry. If it's a short hike I'll make 3 trips. Prefer to hunt by myself or with my family.
  12. J

    Easiest off the shelf call to learn on

    Any cajun/Louisiana style double reed. Easy to blow and usually don't stick
  13. J

    Can you suggest any good river to canoe down?

    Missouri River. Go to Fort Benton, MT and have a shuttle service drop you off and then pick you up 7 or so days later. You can rent gear there as well if you need to. Another great place to float is the Smith River in MT. You have to enter an annual drawing for a permit to float the Smith.
  14. J

    How far you driving for hunting.

    10 minutes
  15. J

    Killem, or work them?

    Let em work. I hunt all public land but there usually isn't anyone within a half mile or so. Usually I'm the only one one on the river. Most of my shots are under 20 yards with their feet down.
  16. J

    Get my first shot today!

    Except no one knows what the long term effects will be. Will it cause birth defects, increase cancer rates, ect? Nobody knows. It was developed and rolled out in 9 months with no long term studies. I hope it's good for society but we won't know for some time.
  17. J

    What’s the weather like where you are?

    -31 this morning.

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