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  1. Will Senn

    Lower Klamath/tule lake

    With all of this rain and snow are these two areas going to be fully flooded up and available for waterfowl this spring?
  2. Will Senn

    Grasslands clubs flooding

    This is in the north grasslands
  3. Will Senn

    Grasslands clubs flooding

    The canal up sante fe grade was rediculous to drive through last night.
  4. Will Senn

    2022-23 Banded Birds

    Yes I did, I used the acid and it payed off, thank you for the advice!
  5. Will Senn

    2022-23 Banded Birds

    14 years old from Meota Saskatchewan. Shot at Mendota ^
  6. Will Senn

    2022-23 Banded Birds

    Banded Canvasback. Need to send in the band to be etched.
  7. Will Senn

    2022-23 Banded Birds

    Shot at LDC today
  8. Will Senn

    Vintage gear.. remember these?

    At my uncles club they have their decoys in those bags.
  9. Will Senn

    What about some opening day reports?

    A buddy and I went out to San Luis for the first time and ended up having a pretty good shoot.
  10. Will Senn

    The Big Blow... Itching for reports...

    3 cinnamons, 2 wigeon, drake greenwing, and bull sprig to end the morning. Lots of rain at mendota
  11. Will Senn

    Sat .... How did y'all do ..

    6 birds at mendota.
  12. Will Senn

    Sat reports

    Exactly what happened, first time for me
  13. Will Senn

    Sat reports

    Hunted north grasslands, fog shut us down around 8:30 ish
  14. Will Senn

    Sweat lines

    Thanks for the advice about getting on in the afternoon. thanks for the detailed response that gave me a lot to think about !
  15. Will Senn

    Sweat lines

    I’m new to the refuge game and was wondering if there were any refuges in particular that are easy to get on without a ressie? I’m in the south valley so Grasslands to Kern is more my range.
  16. Will Senn

    Creek fire

    I was up at my families house in shaver Friday night before the fire broke out. Took all valuables and headed out Saturday morning just in case the fire got to us.
  17. Will Senn

    How was your dove opener?

    Limits by 8 in the south valley
  18. Will Senn

    Fly fishing for trout

    Fly fishing can take you to some of the prettiest rivers/streams that you’ve ever seen. I’d definitely tell anyone interested in it to give it a go.
  19. Will Senn

    First Cinnamon

    Thank you
  20. Will Senn

    First Cinnamon

    I’m addicted