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    Hybrid Teal Trifecta?

    Wanted to get your guys input on my first cinnamon I ever killed. Shot in California, has the body of a cinnamon, but the head exhibits coloration of all 3 teal. I've been told bwt/cinnamon cross which is pretty rare from what im told in CA, but the green throws me for a loop. It's going on...
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    Season’s over…time for reflection

    Drath, I swear I lost 10 pounds every hunt wearing my neoprenes to and from the ponds so that I wasn't beat to a spot in free roam areas. Which means i wasn't usually taking my sweet time getting out there. I actually had a check station person come out 2 weekends ago thinking I was having a...
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    Season’s over…time for reflection

    Everything for me was new. So I did my best to listen to those that offered advice and direction. Spent 1 or 2 afternoons walking refuges instead of setting decoys and hunting. Halfway through the season I got a small cart so I didn't have to backpack decoys anymore which saved my back a lot of...
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    Finally got what I came for

    I almost want to call it the teal trifecta in one bird.
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    Finally got what I came for

    Matt said he sent some of the pics to a local biologist and that guy said he thinks its a blue wing hybrid also. The pic in the tote when it was fresh killed showed a green sheen in that stripe which made me think green wing. Hoping the taxidermist can bring that color out and make the eye look nice
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    Finally got what I came for

    Yes it's going on the wall fellas. I should find out how much longer I'm staying in California this coming week. Assuming I stay through til next season, I'll be looking for a taxidermist recommendation somewhere near Livermore. I know quality work comes with a price and a wait time. If anyone...
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    Finally got what I came for

    Last February my company volun-told me to move myself to CA for work from Maryland, 10 minutes off the chesapeake bay, where I was having years of what I thought was good waterfowl hunting. 10% of the reason I didn't tell them to stick my job where the sun doesn't shine, was the possibility of...
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    Impressive season (warning: pic heavy)...

    I know I can dig up a boat full of hen buffies off the chesapeake pic somewhere... It was a pleasure hunting with you earlier this year BDG!
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    Hunt invite

    Great offer. Wish I didn't promise my fiance that I'd at least have some coffee in the morning with her before trying to do a sweat line/ scout mission tomorrow so I could choose between 2 good resis on Sunday. I have a mendota resi for next weekend. Hope you make out well!
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    Reservation statistics

    I was in Cecil county in the upper bay. The flats have gotten over run. The ES is obscene expensive for a lease for 1 goose per day, 2 mallard limit, and i can count on one hand the amount of times i limited on ducks in 17 years. And most of the bay shoreline is locked up by landowners so the...
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    Reservation statistics

    I was back home for Christmas and fully agree. We shot a bunch of mallards blacks Canadians and bluebills which is our bread and butter around the Chesapeake Bay. I got one really nice bull can as well, but the upper bay and the flats were frozen over when I landed, and in a week the ice flow...
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    Reservation statistics

    This was my first year hunting in California and I drew 8/90 which im told is pretty good odds. 2 were not real great resi numbers, but the rest were top 10s. I've had some pretty fun hunts, some long walks with decoys that were more scouting and learning experiences than they were hunting...
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    Full body waders ?

    Being from Maryland, and coming to California from 10 minutes from the famed body booting capital Susquehanna Flats, I've seen plenty of get ups like this used for booting. I actually have a onesie that is similar but it's more of a insulated wetsuit that you wear under your waders to keep your...
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    Bucket list bird

    Blues are a dime a dozen down in Florida if anyone is ever into traveling. I'm still after my first cinnamon out here. I actually had a beauty of a single drake redhead come through the decoys yesterday on a refuge hunt in the middle of a bunch of coots that were spooked towards me from someone...
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    It's raining...

    Nice shooting Dad
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    It’s coming…

    Good luck in the morning gents. Sounds like this is the weather everyone has been waiting for. I think I'm going to try a refill line for the afternoon if I can sneak away from the honey-do list
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    Saturday invitation...

    I had a great time... Daddy... lol. Seriously, great company and a fun hunt. Boots did awesome retrieving in that tide. I'm sure she's worn out and napping. Thank you again for taking me out!
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    Saturday invitation...

    Sent you a PM Big Daddy... yikes that sounded wrong
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    I wish someone had told me.....

    Travel to hunt public more, and earlier on. I spent my first 10 years hunting the private lands of the valley I grew up in and was very successful. Nothing has humbled me more than my work making me move to a new state every 2-3 years, learning new regs and people, scouting new lands for...