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  1. father goose

    ohh ooh that smell

    It’s already been said. My wife puppy breath and the the smell of a ball glove , for me , loved being on the ball field smelling my leather glove but close to that was the smell of a 2stroke. Of course I wasn’t in the lead. .
  2. father goose

    Yellow Lab puppies

    Just wondering if anyone has knowledge of a litter of yellow labs? Looking for a female. Thanks
  3. father goose

    Not sure what the state is doing about their appeal

    Kinda of unnerving them being quiet. When they are always prepared with something to undermine 2A
  4. father goose

    Youth Success

    What an awesome time Rick. Those boys will be telling and remembering these hunts for a lifetime. Great job
  5. father goose

    Tule Fog , long read

    Fog is brutal. But then sometimes you get that little bit of an opening and the birds come pouring in, then I love fog.
  6. father goose

    Happy Halloween

    I’ll have to remember that for next year. I knew a lady that used to pass out candy to the kids and drinks to the parents . Very popular house
  7. father goose

    How much rain?

    Not as much rain as we want or need but will take every drop. Loved seeing a kid spinning donuts in a wet field this afternoon and right now listening to the rain fall , keep raining
  8. father goose

    For all Grandpa's out there...

    As my wife would say “grandkids are the only reason to have kids” People laugh because when I see my grandkids I’m over the top and loud when I greet them. I want no doubt that they know I’m excited to see em.
  9. father goose

    Gift Ideas for New Marine

    Congratulations to your son. Definitely bring water and at least a hat If you can check out the graduation practice and find out which bleachers his company will be stationed in front of, enjoy Don’t go across the parade grounds either.
  10. father goose

    Happy Birthday Spec...

    Happy Birthday Ray
  11. father goose

    Hey Gents, hope you're well, ATV question...

    I have an 09 Yamaha 350. Plenty of power for pulling my small utility trailer around. Son has 2017 Honda 400. Both have been very reliable. Love the midsize quads, plenty of power and when you get stuck it’s still manageable to pick up and move.Have ridden 650s and larger a lot of fun when...
  12. father goose

    Several friends knew I got the Virus

    Glad to hear you’re on the other side of this Illness , praying for Donna
  13. father goose

    Saturday morning with a 3 year old

    Awesome. Doesn’t get any better than that, except when they get big enough to push the decoy cart.
  14. father goose

    Found our Huckleberry

    Guns,ammo,gear,fuel, and breakfast I hope you have been saving $ up already
  15. father goose

    Found our Huckleberry

    Posts like yours is what makes the forum worth following. Miss those days even if it was a ton of work.
  16. father goose

    Sons first duck

    Absolutely nothing better than that
  17. father goose

    From an old barn

    That is amazing. Beautiful job
  18. father goose

    Big Game Preference Points Reinstatement

    DFG reinstated my preference points after returning my X zone tag.
  19. father goose

    Good news......

    That’s some good news. Good to be the freshly flooded pond
  20. father goose

    Helpful tips

    RefugeHunter. Started out together. Still laugh at things we tried. Some worked and some didn’t. DuckFan. Only hunted a few times together but thankful for those times Actually thankful for both of the guys taking my sons out and showing them the right way to hunt and have a good time Spec. A...