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  1. vital_kill

    Browning Auto-5 Mag in classifieds

    Japanese 12 Gauge 3”, two barrels 28 and 30 both invector plus.
  2. vital_kill

    Loaded up and ready to roll out tomorrow..

    Thank goodness for low ressies me and the boys wont have to run for freeroam.
  3. vital_kill

    Good guide?

    Walk in at delevan, you’ll get your sprig and spoony rather quick.
  4. vital_kill

    When do you, or what do you...puppy training

    I dont use live birds until after FF is complete. They can have mouth issues with live birds. I’ll get a few pigeons when pup is 14-16 weeks to get them birdy. After that, no live birds until ff is done. Once I start walking fetch I’ll introduce a dead bird and then transition into a shackled...
  5. vital_kill

    You never know

    I still remember the days when I used to live in Chico and I’ll get stuck on 7 mile on my way to hunt Llano with all the street racers blocking the road at the viewing area.
  6. vital_kill

    Dellevans ?

    Roberta’s tacqueria is pretty damn good too across granzella’s
  7. vital_kill

    Dellevans ?

    I’ll be the eating breakfast there tomorrow if I get a bad lotto tonight, need the energy to kick rocks lol.
  8. vital_kill

    Dellevans ?

    I think they open up around 5pm. Go grab a nice dinner at granzella’s if you are early.
  9. vital_kill

    Dellevans ?

    It’ll be open tonight at 6 for lotto and stay open thru out the morning.
  10. vital_kill

    Marble Mountain Kennels

    Gee, I seriously dont think 5 weeks is enough for anything. Some dogs are fast learners and some are slower. On the other hand, I dont believe a dog is ever “finished”, they are always learning. To “finish” to what the owner expects, I understand. But the dog will never finish to itself.
  11. vital_kill

    Near Ross…

    Never seen anything like this, must be an old guy.
  12. vital_kill

    Marble Mountain Kennels

    Locally, only Missy has afc so I figured it was her. Not sure if Ken and Sonya still reside in wilton. My female is a granddaughter to Ken’s Creek Robber, Luke’s daughter.
  13. vital_kill

    Combining Youth & Veteran hunts

    Some of these 16/17 year olds have a full beard and look like college line backers. heck they look like a younger brother to their dad more than a son.
  14. vital_kill

    OT- Let’s talk car/truck batteries

    I switched boat and truck to Odyssey now.
  15. vital_kill

    Combining Youth & Veteran hunts

    Me too, My oldest is 15 year old high school starting point guard lol.
  16. vital_kill

    Combining Youth & Veteran hunts

    It will be nice to see a 17 year old high school track star VS a veteran Seal run for free roam.
  17. vital_kill

    Marble Mountain Kennels

    I am guessing breeder is Missy Bell?
  18. vital_kill

    LDC Junior weekend

    Hoping for colusa east side AP to open, youngest have a low ressie there on sat and oldest have a high ressie at del on sun.
  19. vital_kill

    Marble Mountain Kennels

    If you dont have time or the knowledge to train yourself, started dogs is the better way. Me, I like to start off with puppies as you get to create a good bond, not that started dogs you cant get a good bond, but the bonding during puppy years is something special. I train all my own dogs so I...
  20. vital_kill

    Marble Mountain Kennels

    My advice is keep looking around. You can do a lot better than MMK, give yourself more options. It will be a huge commitment for the life of the dog. I suggest you go to huntinglabpedigree and look at the classifieds section.