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  1. Missy Skeeter

    Wolverine, not the red dawn kind or the x man.

    Wolverines are rarely sighted even up here in Alaska. I've only seen a wolverine on 2 different occasions in 30 years...both while sheep hunting in the high country. Neat animals.
  2. Missy Skeeter

    Debt Ceiling Agreement

    Gas stoves illegal is fake news. On the other hand, a natural gas pipeline has benefits of cleaner energy relative to coal, and a reliable heating source for thousands of homes on the east coast.
  3. Missy Skeeter

    Debt Ceiling Agreement

    The pipeline in West Virginia is likely to win Joe Manchin's vote, and other Democrats since natural gas is cleaner than coal. The text of the agreement: Mountain Valley Pipeline will serve demonstrated natural gas demand in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast regions, will increase the...
  4. Missy Skeeter

    Debt Ceiling Agreement

    The text of the debt ceiling bill released on Sunday would approve all the remaining permits to complete the stalled Mountain Valley Pipeline, delivering a big win for West Virginia Sens. Joe Manchin and Shelley Moore Capito ( natural gas pipeline).
  5. Missy Skeeter

    Debt Ceiling Agreement

    There is an agreement finally. McCarthy said the House will vote Wednesday, which would then send the bill to the Senate. Once the bill reaches the Senate, where Democrats have the majority, the pace of action could slow if senators try to hold up the bill, possibly with amendment votes. That...
  6. Missy Skeeter

    A big deal for some of us western land users
  7. Missy Skeeter

    License Cost !?!

    So do seniors, at least up in Alaska. At age 60 and older, free resident hunting/fishing/trapping including state duck stamp, king salmon stamp, big game tags (sheep, moose, caribou, bear, deer).
  8. Missy Skeeter

    2023 Supreme Court Decision on the Clean Water Act

    A 9-0 decision rebuking EPA’s claim to limitless regulatory authority and that the Sacketts’ land is not subject to the Clean Water Act. While all Justices agreed on the judgment, they had different theories on what exactly does fall under the scope of the Clean Water Act. Writing for the...
  9. Missy Skeeter

    Fires and Drought

    Looks like a potential for smoke driving the Alcan back to Alaska. Three areas: Wildwood, AB South of Valleyview AB North of Charlie Lake BC
  10. Missy Skeeter

    The Other SCOTUS Ruling

    The Supreme Court will soon issue rulings, on affirmative action, student debt relief, and the First Amendment and gay rights. The student loan will be interesting since it has been paused for three years and 8 extensions! The New York Times is not happy: Public approval of the court is at a...
  11. Missy Skeeter

    How to lead a goose

    For incoming shots, angle make a difference. If the bird is coming in but the angle is 45 degrees or less, butt, belly, beak, bang! If you wait too long and the bird is directly overhead, a much greater lead is required.
  12. Missy Skeeter

    OT 270 win CA pet load.

    I bought a lifetime supply of Barnes TTSX and LRX from Midway just before the pandemic. The TTSX cost $30 per box of 50 back then....
  13. Missy Skeeter

    OT 270 win CA pet load.

    I load for .270 Win up here in Alaska...mostly for sheep, caribou, black bear 130 grain Barnes TTSX or 129 grain Barnes LRX I use IMR4350 or RL 19. Seating about 0.050" off the lands is best for my rifles (Remington 700, Tikka)
  14. Missy Skeeter


    Good deal and if you purchase something else, free shipping with orders over $89 at Gun Dog Supply.
  15. Missy Skeeter

    Fly fishing MT

    Spring creeks are another option that have great fishing even during high runoff events.
  16. Missy Skeeter

    Fires and Drought

    Forecast does not look good in the short term.
  17. Missy Skeeter

    Anyone get scammed on Ebay?

    I plan to sell several rifles on GunBroker when I return to Alaska the end of the month. I assume the risk is with buyers on GunBroker? Thanks. The Oct 2022 issue of Guns Magazine had an informative article about how online gun scammers operate. The article was written by Alan Garbers "Don't...
  18. Missy Skeeter

    Anyone get scammed on Ebay?

    Last time I used EBay was in problems. My citori stock cracked and I ordered a new one on EBay. Fast delivery, great price, but did not fit the receiver. I sent it back and got a refund no problem.
  19. Missy Skeeter

    2023 big game plans

    For the first time in 40 years, no big game hunting for me. 30 years of hunting sitka blacktails, sheep, bear, caribou and moose in Alaska spoiled me. In Alaska, most tags were free and over the counter, no hassle of drawing. Sheep, caribou, black bear in August, Moose in Sept, sitka blacktails...
  20. Missy Skeeter

    Note to self

    The APLA breeds labs for pointing and tests labs for pointing (in addition to retrieving). The upland field shall consist of approximately 10 acres of varied cover (as available). Four (4) chukar are planted for each dog randomly throughout the field. A maximum of 20 minutes is allowed for the...