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  1. dirtyj


    70 gpm? That’s a hell of a pump
  2. dirtyj

    How big is your hunting dog?

    8yo 59lbs 1 yo 48lbs
  3. dirtyj

    Pond care....barley straw

    Supposed to be
  4. dirtyj

    Pond care....barley straw

    I’ve had some success with the bales - they will eventually break down n sink. But I’ve tried everything but chemic on another pond and nothing worked. straw, extract, etc. I finally bought some carp last fall so I hoping this will be the cure. Too early to tell yet.
  5. dirtyj

    Purina one or Pro Plan

    30/20 year round. 8yo and 1 yo. No reason to reduce fat intake if they are getting work in off season.
  6. dirtyj

    2023 Hunting Dog Pictures!

    My 8yo girl in focus mode
  7. dirtyj

    22/23 New Gear review

    dont know why it leaked. I never washed or dried it for whatever period of time it didn’t leak and since I’ve followed the directions to no avail. It hangs in the closet
  8. dirtyj

    22/23 New Gear review

    Don’t know how long you’ve had your delta jacket but it is NOT waterproof. Sitka is waterproof until maybe the 2nd season and then breaks down like all “breathables.” I’ve tried all of the ways to regenerate the goretex but same result. Revivex works for about an hour. same to be said for...
  9. dirtyj

    Beretta Service

    Beretta has always been like congress- they have your money so they are done caring about you or your problems
  10. dirtyj

    Kill switch mandate

    That is part of the EV wet dream - total control. Mercedes is coming out with one that has a governor or speed limiter unless you pay some ridiculous monthly fee to have it removed But not autonomously. It won’t be long until some watchdog group will monitor your social media posts and if they...
  11. dirtyj

    DP Puller

    Thanks- how hard was it to wire in the remote?
  12. dirtyj

    DP Puller

    Anybody try/ have one of these? How loud are they and what are negatives in your opinion?
  13. dirtyj

    Lab breeders in the southeast

    Folklore Canine right there in AL. Good dogs.
  14. dirtyj

    Roger's return policy

    The way Cabelas used to be
  15. dirtyj

    Possessing a rifle while waterfowling

    I think a federal issue is possessing any lead shot/rounds while waterfowl hunting. That is discernibly frowned upon.
  16. dirtyj

    Anyone Ever Find a Deer in Their Pit?

    Found a dead one in my pit this year - looked like a few week old fawn that had fallen in so it had all summer to stew in there. Thankfully nature got most of it so all I had was a skeleton and floor replacement due to the deer ooze soup. however, I’ve also found 2 floaters as well.
  17. dirtyj

    Dark times for geese?

    Sounds like they will just fill the 2 weeks in early January with the extra 15 days. Does not sound like there will be an early season.
  18. dirtyj

    Revealing numbers on a duck band?

    Same deal here - had a couple numbers readable and they were able to etch the rest out
  19. dirtyj

    You guys know anybody that drowned or almost drowned while wading?

    I knew a guy who was fishing near an inlet at night on semi hard bottom. Took a step out and didn’t realize there was a ledge there and filled his waders and could never get back on solid footing and drowned. His body was found floating the next day.