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    Things NOT on your bucket list

    I just thought it was a guy sneaking in to hunt my up wind side of my secret spot on the refuge…..
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    How do they afford it- they have their mommy/daddy pay for it. Parents want the best life for their kids….
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    Well I see my forum is still up and running

    So you are the reason I have wasted hours upon hours reading all sorts “intelligence “ on this website. Thanks a lot……
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    A must have for home defense!

    I think I have found my spring season snow goose gun….
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    In too deep...

    I thought this was going to be a “back to the hotel” reference…..
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    How do you know when to quit a job?

    Just got around to seeing this thread. I am a PE and work in flood control. There are a lot of national firms out there that would snap up an experienced licensed engineer in a heartbeat. Quite a few allow some form of working from home so there are pros and cons with every job so can you find...
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    How many fingers do your have?

    What about those born with an extra digit….
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    Meanwhile at 6400'

    All I see is snow and one strong roof
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    What do you do?

    Civil Engineer - flood control
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    What was the first car that YOU bought?

    1st vehicle I bought - 1987 toyota tacoma 4x4 xtra cab ( another vote for the 22re engine) right off the dealer lot. I lived at home during college so my "rent" money that I saved allowed me to pay cash and drove that thing nearly 200k miles before selling.
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    Yolo closed

    It would be nice to see a photo. Of course, once the first prius falls in the hole, the rest of us can drive over it.
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    Last Bird of the Season

    A gaddie for me. It was the first bird of the season for me and my last. Never killed any more during the rest of the season How about you...
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    Rice breast lower this year?

    Had 2 on the first Wed of the season and then none after that.
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    Reservation statistics

    I must have been in the loop this year.... i was 1 for 25. Of course, it is for the Sat the 28th and the refuge may not be open due to flooding...
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    Am I really a duck hunter?

    Don't know what I am I started this sport/lifestyle in my 30s. Whenever I see water - I check for birds When I see birds I watch them land ( and look for the nearest spot to hide) ( this applies to city parks, sloughs, refuges, or a parking lot) When I hear geese, daylight or dark, I look up. I...
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    Crazy Storm Last Night

    I am working at 14th and J in downtown Sac and snows just passed overhead at 50 yards. I am on the top floor. Seen a few other flicks as well over the downtown area. As I type this about 7 waves came over. 200 birds plus. The building to my north is on the X.
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    The elusive “Triple”

    Only had 1 triple in my life - on woodies. Group came in, gave my kid the first shot. He goes to the plug, my buddy goes to the plug and they don't hit a thing. I get three. I need to find a better place to hunt as I have only had twice a big swarm of teal come at me. One group came from behind...
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    Federal Duck Stamp - Sacramento area

    Does anybody know where I can buy a federal duck stamp. Want to take somebody out but can't find the stamp.., Big 5 staff says they are out Sportsman's warehouse - nope Walmart - Nope Four post offices (including Royal Oaks) - nope Any thoughts as to where to go?
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    Dad's Stuff.

    Wish I had my dad's old hunting vest. My dad was an interpreter for the Italian war prisoners in WW2. One of the prisoners made him a hunting vest. He used that until the 90s when it just wore out. He stuffed a lot of pheasants and quail in that vest.
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    No A--holes yesterday

    At least some of you hunted a refuge. heck I tried to get on a refuge at 11:30 and I was number 60 on the wait list....WOW! Hope the rush is over next time I visit. I left and was fortunate to hunt somewhere else and killed a few ducks.