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    Open invite this afternoon

    As of Friday you can get under the bridge and hunt the north side as well. My motor had 8” of clearance.
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    Mud motors in California

    I just registered a Gatortrax w bud buddy I bought in Idaho. No verification for boat but they wanted to see the trailer…
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    Simms Waders

    I have a pair of g4 stocking foots for fishing and a camo pair of bootfoot g3 for hunting. They are awesome and Simms has a great warranty
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    I guess I’m not very informed with no social media and yeah you’d probably right about him maybe not being a good influence for the craft that is waterfowl hunting. I guess in my life I’ve never liked watching people getting gossiped about but that’s just me so take it for what it’s worth...
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    Your right the high school girls comment went too far my bad
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    I find it funny how some of you guys have spent as much time as you have looking this guy up to dig up videos to make fun of him. Kinda like high school girls gossiping in the locker room. For the record I’m probably about the same age as these guys and the polar opposite n terms of flashiness...
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    Fill the gap This stuff worked great for me when I put my floor in
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    Duck Boat Stolen

    Dang Tim that sucks I’ll keep an eye out around town and at the usual launches. You remember what brand trailer? That was a nice rig so nice Bear didn’t wanna jump out of it to get ducks. Your always welcome in my boat. Chris
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    Plant ID help

    Awesome thanks guys
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    Plant ID help

    Hey guys needing a little help With Id on pond weeds. Attached are two pictures. The first is a really fine almost seaweed looking weed and the other one grows on the bank and then outward into pond. I was gonna drain pond and remove the material before ducks start showing up. Before I did that...
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    Rio Ammo

    I shoot 3” #2 Rio blue steel. It’s cheap and patterns well. Never had a malfunction. Shooting sx3
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    Klamath Water??
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    Dog and dewclaws

    My older lab has torn his dews off 4 times. Total pita for him and for me if it’s during the season. Young lab has them removed and yes she struggled in ice this season I just don’t send her into deep water ice
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    Science lost today............ Thanks CWA.

    It already sucks enough living in this state now the main organization that supposedly fight for our rights as waterfowl hunters does this? Myself and many of my friends will no longer be donating to CWA. Sad day
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    Goose hunting newb

    Copy that! Not sure how much they really use the field. I just figured once they were around all sides of property we could get some in. Like I’ve got a place I hunt hunt ducks that is surrounded by sanctuary which they clearly would rather stay in but because the spot is surrounded by good...
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    Goose hunting newb

    Hundred if not thousands in surrounding fields. Field in question is planted in alfalfa. We have layout blinds as well as white tyvec suits
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    Goose hunting newb

    Hey guys. I’m a duck hunter who sometimes shoots Canada’s when they come in by chance. However I have the opportunity in a private field for a late goose hunt that is surrounded by other properties that hold tons of snows and specs. My question is what is the minimum amount of decoys to have an...
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    Advice on new boat

    Awesome thanks guys. Didn’t realize mud buddies were built for the great salt lake seen a few that the frames were rusted and owned a mb longtail that took on some rust (surface) in the salt. What year did excel fix the waterlogged foam issue? I’m on borrowed time with my 1648. Been great with...
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    Advice on new boat

    Do you have the thicker hull .125. I watched that video where they beat the crap outta that mstc pretty impressive