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  1. Holesinthesky

    What Y'all Cooking?

    Salmon you say….. Hmmmmmm. I think I may have to go get some. Hey @Banded1 !
  2. Holesinthesky

    Never know who you’ll see….

    He got caught up in the game. Notoriety and money have corrupted many. However, many years ago. I took some wounded soldiers on a hunt. I reached out to them. I believe I spoke with his wife. Explained what I was doing, and asked for a donation of a call or two as “door prize drawing” on the...
  3. Holesinthesky

    Ever tried real moonshine ?

    Nope……. That would be illegal. Apple Pie you say….., hmmmm. That sounds tasty.
  4. Holesinthesky

    What Y'all Cooking?

    :doh I told you….. those things were horrible! :grvn
  5. Holesinthesky

    Jumping blinds

    The Tier II blind I was referring to, is not at the WMA you are referring to. I didn’t hunt that WMA this year. As for TVA not pumping. That is controlled by TWRA, even though TVA owned. TWRA is responsible for pumping. As for the improvements, they were done in preparation for the Tier II...
  6. Holesinthesky

    Party at Fasteel’s

    About 3 weeks out. So far…. @Fasteel72 @Holesinthesky @newduk @stevena198301 mikey @Pkduck @Louie B @Sam Ortmann @bullpinnie. ?? @Grif ?? @goosenazi ?? @Vammy ?? Let us know, so we know how much meat needs to hit the roadmaster.
  7. Holesinthesky

    Prayers for Gunnerx2

    A little bump….. Texted with him a little while ago. He says throat is still sore and hurts to talk, still on the liquid diet via feeding tube. So still recovering, but making progress. Continued thoughts and prayers. Thanks for all those that have supported him thru this with thoughts...
  8. Holesinthesky

    What Y'all Cooking?

    Who is Byron???? if y'all want some good BBQ, you need to attend @Fasteel72 Bday get together in AL on the 24th. Or the Shindig in Sept. @Fasteel72 can run a smoker way better than me.
  9. Holesinthesky

    Getting Started Welding...

    Good intro for beginners
  10. Holesinthesky

    What Y'all Cooking?

    Had some family come into town. Staying at my Aunt and Uncles. So I loaded the smoker up. 20lbs legs quarters for lunch 2 Boston Butts (12lbs) for making pulled pork sammichs Pork Tenderloin (13lb)( tri split and braided) for dinner Homemade Sweet Italian Sausage for snacking
  11. Holesinthesky

    Jumping blinds

    @Small Bore Hunter I assume you were referring to me, since you used a quote by me. ——-With the thinking of "these blinds were paid for with OUR money" then there should not be any private blinds on public waters. These waters are maintained by OUR money, but others get the use of it for 60...
  12. Holesinthesky

    Thank you, vets

    Some days are tougher than others. Tomorrow will be a hard one. I will make my walk thru the cemetery. Some coins will be left, some watery eyes will happen, some Thank you will be said. While tomorrow is Memorial Day, you are remembered every day. Way to many good men and women departed to...
  13. Holesinthesky

    How has your fishing been ?

    Oh sure! When I come down, you only take me out where the small ones are.
  14. Holesinthesky

    What Y'all Cooking?

    Came in off the Lake. Otherwise known as the Circus on Holiday Weekends. Wife and youngest said they wanted burgers for dinner. I was craving chili dogs. Stopped at store on way home. What a Zoo! Got burgers, and dogs. Got home and fired the grill up. No pics….. you know what they look like.
  15. Holesinthesky

    Bud Light Drinkers

    I think I will stick with a 30pk of Hamm’s for $11.
  16. Holesinthesky

    Bud Light Drinkers

    Taken from an article………… It’s now about two months since a conservative backlash and boycott erupted over a Bud Light marketing pitch involving Mulvaney and the impact on the brand continues to be keenly felt. Anheuser-Busch, the world’s largest brewer, is now offering $15 rebates on 24-can...
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  18. Holesinthesky

    Weekend plans?

    Does that thing work?:sp:sp
  19. Holesinthesky

    Jumping blinds

    I am not opposed to allowing people to jump blinds. My problem is with people who think they can do what they want because it’s not theirs. They don’t care if it gets destroyed. And those that steal things. I have hopped blinds. I guarantee I left it better than I found it. If there is a trash...

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