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  1. Luigi Daniele

    NorCal Tuna 2023 Version

    WARNING: if you guys keep flooding this thread with replies, it may blow up the server! Seriously, thanks Winchester and SeaHawk for the replies.
  2. Luigi Daniele

    NorCal Tuna 2023 Version

    No boat suggestions?!:oops: :(
  3. Luigi Daniele


    It’s two
  4. Luigi Daniele

    CA Big Game...

    *raises hand, while at the same time being unsure about the “much younger” part*
  5. Luigi Daniele

    CA Big Game...

    Antelope. Dream hunt. I will probably be 96 before I draw. :(
  6. Luigi Daniele

    Caught Chinese "spies"

    I should have said "he was a toot". Dang it. :(
  7. Luigi Daniele


    Because he's a jackass?
  8. Luigi Daniele

    Caught Chinese "spies"

    Absolutely. They said he was a gas.
  9. Luigi Daniele

    Who will win the 2024 GOP Presidential Primary?

    Really simple: be honest-who do you know will clean house if elected? Trump? 100%. Do you have to like him? No. Would you want to drink a beer with him? Again, no. Do you trust him to go in there and kick —-? Yup, because he did last time. The whole world fears him. Having said that, I’m 90%...
  10. Luigi Daniele

    Who will win the 2024 GOP Presidential Primary?

    He’s a zero. Ran a truly awful campaign here.
  11. Luigi Daniele

    Chick-Fil-A the new Bud Light?

    Won't be eating there for awhile, sadly
  12. Luigi Daniele

    Biden falls down and goes boom.

    I pray that he's ok. And loses in a landslide in 2024
  13. Luigi Daniele

    State 48 New Guy

    Welcome to the Fuge! :cool:
  14. Luigi Daniele

    NorCal Tuna 2023 Version

    Ok, my annual question(s): Tuna in NorCal: 1. With whom? (prefer non cattle boat) 2. When? 3. Where? And the usual poll (yes, I realize no YFT up here ;) )
  15. Luigi Daniele

    Success favors the stubborn

    When do you sleep? :z
  16. Luigi Daniele

    Thank you, vets

    Thank to all of our fallen heroes for your service. America wouldn’t be America without your sacrifice. God bless you all! And God bless everyone here who served, as well!
  17. Luigi Daniele


    Yup, Vit K
  18. Luigi Daniele

    This is my kind of holiday.

    Save the ribs for me, please!
  19. Luigi Daniele


    Prayers for Mally ascending
  20. Luigi Daniele

    Go Fund Me for Sydney Meenen ( Fasteel72s Daughter)

    Any updates? Burning up the skies.