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  1. Bullet21XD

    Michael J. Fox

    I've always liked that guy.
  2. Bullet21XD

    A victory for the squeaky wheels?

    They got nothin' so far.
  3. Bullet21XD

    Transmitter Mallard Study in TN

    Veterans Day is also when we...on average...freeze up here in the north. Any day after Nov.10 we can hunt a lake or pond is a bonus. Most big water, and all small water will be froze most years. We'll still have ducks to kill on the bigger rivers...but most bail out.
  4. Bullet21XD

    Never know who you’ll see….

    Same here. Jeff's welcome in my blind anytime. Dude knows how to kill some s++t!
  5. Bullet21XD

    A victory for the squeaky wheels?

    Anytime someone says the Corps Of Engineers is " on board" or "supports"...we automatically know you are full of bulls++t. The COE ain't on board or in support of anything.
  6. Bullet21XD


    That's perfect! I'l be there in the not so distant future.
  7. Bullet21XD


    I wish my neighbors would put up privacy fences! I don't really have any issues with them, i'd just rather never see or talk with them. I'm probably the "bad" neighbor.
  8. Bullet21XD

    Thank you, vets

    :tu :tu
  9. Bullet21XD

    What have you gotten for free lately?

    Did you let him get to 3rd base?
  10. Bullet21XD

    Yard sale find

    I hated those Abu's!! I'm glad those days are long gone!!
  11. Bullet21XD

    Good News from the Courts

    Crossing corners should be legal errywhere.
  12. Bullet21XD

    I….I……I’m in Love

    Still sore they lost.
  13. Bullet21XD

    Yard sale find

    Now you got to find one of the old silver Bantams to go with it!
  14. Bullet21XD

    Anyone plan on attending Squad Fest?

    I don't have enough divebomb tats.
  15. Bullet21XD

    The sled driver, Brian Shul, passed away

    Excellent post! Some of those pilots had balls of steel...and have great stories to go along!! RIP Mr. Shul.
  16. Bullet21XD

    Trolling motor voltage question

    Amp hours is amp hours for your batteries. Run time is fairly easy and fairly predictable assuming you know the output of the batteries, and the draw of the trolling motor. The big difference though is a new trolling motor will be more efficient than that old Motorguide.
  17. Bullet21XD

    Well, here they come!

    I've had several encounters with birders, both here in MN and elsewhere. Never once was one a negative ordeal. I doubt that will change any time soon. What I can see though is...our anti-hunting DNR, on their own accord, making hunting areas less hunter friendly, and more general public...
  18. Bullet21XD

    Go Fund Me for Sydney Meenen ( Fasteel72s Daughter)

    Damn man...sorry to hear that. Hope all ends well.
  19. Bullet21XD

    ivory billed woodpecker sighting?

    That's the last place I saw one! :l

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