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  1. killerv

    First IDs are racist. Now signing your name is too

    Funny, in Ga...if you have a lottery winning of 600 or more you have show an ID to get it. I imagine they would have no issues showing ID then. But voting....that's racist.
  2. killerv

    Teacher Appreciation Week

    Got me a teacher appreciate shirt on Monday, chik filet biscuits on Tuesday, hamburgers and hotdogs today, I think they are washing our vehicles tomorrow. I may just take off Friday....might as well end Teacher appreciate week right.
  3. killerv

    Music heads....please weigh in...

    nope, wouldnt go. Learned my lesson after seeing Willie Nelson, went to say I saw him. He played for 45 minutes, no encore, no Georgia on my mind. Bore of a show.
  4. killerv


    Have fun with that, we deal with the power company, solar company, fiber company, and mining pipelines, we come out pretty well. Heck, solar companies are paying big money for scrub land down here. I love a powerline. I kill most of my deer and turkey on them.
  5. killerv


    Twix is the only candy bar with the cookie crunch
  6. killerv


  7. killerv

    Wood Ducks

    you'll never shoot one then.....
  8. killerv


    I've done it both ways, can tell no difference when doing indirect.
  9. killerv

    Victory d-9 mallards

    Mine hang from the wall as decor
  10. killerv

    What's your pick?

    Mississippi Queen
  11. killerv

    G. Shorthairs

    Got an alert about this thread so I guess I will revive it. My female is going on a year old now and has been a complete pia. Constantly digs, chews on anything she can reach. She destroyed two dog beds last night. Got my spark plug boot and handle on my blower, hub cap covers off my four...
  12. killerv

    There goes two grand!!

    I know right? I print my bank balances out and take them to the gun range all the time and have loads of fun. When I die, I'm gonna think about all those times I looked at that computer screen and smiled at those numbers. I got a heck of a deal on a winchester m1 carbine about a year ago, could...
  13. killerv

    Hollowing cork- good or bad idea for diver rig?

    I am assuming you are talking good hd tan cork. I wouldnt hollow out divers for big water. Only time I ever hollowed cork was for walkin type hunts or geese and still then fairly rare I did it. There is a reason a solid cork bird rides better than anything out there. Bottom boards arent...
  14. killerv

    That Fauci Guy

    Not a UGA fan, too many dirtroad alumni "went" there.
  15. killerv


    and 100% of the ......
  16. killerv

    That Fauci Guy

    He had beagles eaten alive.... now I really hate him.
  17. killerv

    This has to change

    I wouldnt hunt over plastics either
  18. killerv

    Jack Shepard goldeneye

  19. killerv

    Market Adjustment

    Got a buddy that works for Freeman boats, said they sold two million dollar boats to a guy so he could have one on each coast.

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