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    So sad . . .

    It was certainly nice to be able to vicariously experience some of the adventures shared here 'back in the day'! (with the possible exception of drahthaarducker's stories...they always had a pucker factor about them!) I'll say, this year I have seen fewer ducks then ever but seems to be offset...
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    Very few geese.

    If you look at the banner of the site for the webcam, you see the 'fields' filled with water but the webcam itself currently shows only a small pond on the left of the berm and no water on the right. Any thoughts as to why that is? (I noticed this lack of water elsewhere on the lower eastern...
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    Youth Veteran and Military Hunt

    Glad you're still getting out there!!
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    A revelation.

    I appreciate you taking the time to post. I've been think about heading up that way after having taken a few canoe camping trips in the ADK (different area than where you were but still got me to thinking that things might be better than in MD). I was hesitating 'cause I was envisioning it...
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    My son's first duck hunt

    Oh my gawd that was funny! Brings back memories of taking my two boys out! We take for granted how many split second decisions we make while hunting until we have to communicate them to someone learning "take 'em, oops, hold on...over there, over there, now!" Also this...'it's two foot but...
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    Anyone have 10gauge Steel Available?

    Rogers seems to be all sold out of the Black Cloud in #3 as of 10AM this morning...
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    I believe what you are trying to ask is "I don't understand how Baltimore City's Health Director says [Baltimore's] numbers warrant a [Baltimore City] mask mandate but Maryland's governor and state health director say the [Maryland State] numbers don't warrant a [Statewide] mask mandate." At...
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    My son's a newly minted M.D. and just started his residency (I.M.) July1. His first assignment is in the ICU and he's already had one patient pass due to Covid and another likely to pass soon due to complications brought on by Covid. None of the folks in the ICU for Covid had received the...
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    Big water/bad weather boating advice thread

    Any suggested reading/viewing?
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    What did your season look like?

    I have the Macks. Got it on sale after X-mas and used it in the late season. A like it (and wear it) a lot, but it is not perfect. (Note: I have the full zip version.) I find the pockets just about useless. They are not really angled downward nor are they particularly deep making it feel...
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    Anglers Got Guns

    Great time to sell if you got some extra guns lying around!
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    My lower unit died, need a new used motor or a new used boat

    Paul and Alex at ABSeas in Thurmont have done right by me. It is a bit of a haul, but worth it. Btw, good to know your back at it!
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    Declining # of Waterfowl Hunters

    With the lack of ducks on any given day, there are too many other activities that are more "certain". As my oldest son (who loves to hunt) said when we were debating whether to go skiing or hunting for a week in January: "if we go skiing, I know I'll get to ski; if we go hunting, I may or may...
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    Spring Trip Recommendations

    I just got back from a week of skiing at Big Sky (hour outside of Bozeman, near Yellowstone). Regarding the snowpack (and hence runoff), while areas west of the continental divide have gotten pretty good snow, areas east (Bozeman/Yellowstone) are a little thin. Lone Peak/Big Sky has picked up...
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    Stepping Down

    What he said! I've always been a canoer...bought my first motor (used, 1985 2-stroke) last year and inevitably ended up here reading all your posts. Your input here has been irreplaceable! Thank you!
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    Virginia Species Spread

    So how do folks go about mixing the mallards and black ducks? I seem to see black ducks bunched to the side of a group of mallards with some mixing along the edge where the two groups meet but not mixing 100%. My observations might be biased as I've tended to only see small groups, not large...
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    Best Third Split Opener In A While

    Wherever you lost it, it's probably sitting around with mine having a beer! I've never had so many ducks pitch in so close and leave so unscathed as I have this season!
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    Tough Canoes?...

    Royalex or the generic name, ABS (technically Royalex is a laminate with foam core, ABS on either side, and vinyl covering inside and outside - ABS and UV rays don't mix). Gaddy Getter is correct: 1) Royalex is done for 2) craigslist is your friend (most folks don't know what they have and you...
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    Thank You

    Thanks Larry for all you've done! Like Osprey, I was at the public hearings on restricting the goose season WAY back in the mid 80's. I still remember your analogy to trying to get in front of a rolling boulder before it gained momentum! At the time, I had just finished an undergrad paper on...
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    Severn River Hunt 11-17-15

    That's great! I remember keeping some gear in the back of my car for quick hunts at Ft. Meade between classes at UMBC. (I often think about the current wave of 'no guns on campus' laws with mixed emotions.) My son is now at Gettysburg College and he's been able to sneak home for a hunt or two...

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