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    Who’s been reaped?

    Eastern wild turkey populations are in decline in many areas. We should be doing everything we can to help stop the decline. Reaping, male decoys in general are getting alot of dominant long beards killed that otherwise would be very difficult, especially in open country.
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    I’ll second that on the weather. Had 2” of snow on the ground for MO opener Monday. 10 day forecast looks like crap too. If any of you carvers are interested, i lost a couple big basswood trees in derecho. You are welcome to any or all of it. Pm me if interested.
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    Need Help with Call ID

    I lived in nemo. Not don
  4. J

    Need Help with Call ID

    I just looked, I have 9 of Don’s calls left. Gave a few away to good buddies over the years. Used to go to his shop at least once a year when I lived in northeast mo. He was a good guy. Waiting to hear the rest of the story mj.
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    NCAA wrestling

    Iowa won't be hoisting a trophy this year. This morning's session went about as bad as it could for the hawks.
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    NCAA wrestling

    I listened to the first round on the radio today. KXIC out of Iowa City, is on iheart radio. Mark Ironside & Stephen Grace do a great job calling the Iowa matches. Will be watching as much as I can on ESPN. Too bad Iowa is beat up so bad, would've given pedo state more than they wanted again...
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    Lurking like usual. Ready for turkeys
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    Anyone buy a car from carvana or similar online place ?

    My daughter had a wreck and totaled her car, looking for a replacement. Any experiences with the online sites ?
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    Swan Lake

    I would guess that there is a strong correlation between the decline of epp geese at swan lake with the increase of the population of giants in states to the north. As the population of giants increased they short stopped the epp birds more and more over time. There were very few canada geese...
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    Snow Cover Cleaning

    I washed all of mine last year in sportwash and borax. Worked great. I was worried about uv even though sportwash was recommended. Geese didnt have any problem with them this year.
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    They are blaming Lead for us not seeing even more Bald Eagles

    I didn’t see anything in the study about how many eagles were killed by wind turbines. Must’ve not read close enough.
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    Its either goose hunt or ice fish up here. I’ll take a kick in the nuts before i ice fish.
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    I dont get you guys. Honkers in the snow is hard to beat. We close tomorrow, wish we had another couple weeks.
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    Looking for Info on Duck Studies

    I know the Iowa DNR is doing a study on urban geese, think the study is ongoing so probably no published data yet. I looked at the data on a few turkey studies, but have not been able to find published data on waterfowl.
  15. J

    Sweet Sweden

    Should have played KISS as his background music. Wonder how common those big number shoots are. Sure looks like a good time.
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    Looking for Info on Duck Studies

    I've seen a few things posted on here about tracking ducks/geese with transmitters. It seems biologists are using these methods more and more. Does anyone have any links to any recent research projects which included ducks/geese with transmitters ?
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    Harvest Trends by flyway...

    Hard to kill them when they sleep all day and dont move till sunset.
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    Seeing same here the last few years. They abandon typical cold weather roosts and bail out. Still have a few, but not a fraction of what was here a week ago. The geese we’ve been killing are fat as heck, which makes sense due to warm weather up until last week. If you figure why theyve turned...
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    Happy new year. Whacked the honkers good this am. Not sure it was worth it. My eyes are still frozen shut. Win or lose, hawks look good. Nice to see them running the ball with sucess.
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    Leaving a Canada spread out

    Dont leave decoys out. Pick your days to hunt according to the weather. Cloudy, warmer or any precip, hunt them. Sunny days dont mess with them. Sunny cold days they sit all day and move in mass late. Its hard to stop the train of geese at the end of the day and you educate way more birds if...

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