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    What have we let this country become?

    “We” nothing. It’s the fricking liberals and all who have voted for liberals over the years who have plunged this country into insanity. Liberals are depraved between the ears, and anyone who votes for liberals is either equally depraved or just plain stupid.
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    I couldn’t figure out how to post the link but if you search YouTube for “cnn what happens to weapons sent to Ukraine”, it should pop up. The guy getting interviewed in large part is a former U.S. Marine colonel who is in Kyiv right now I believe.
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    I’ve got absolutely no use for CNN but a CNN story came across my YouTube feed documenting a vast amount of this weaponry we are shipping into Ukraine is simply getting stockpiled in warehouses in Lviv, far away from the fighting. Apparently it isn’t getting to where it needs to go for various...
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    Y’all are rapidly approaching a world of hurt.

    If or when Texas turns blue, that will be the final nail in this country’s coffin. How long it will take from that point on before we descend into complete chaos is anybody’s guess, but it won’t take long, relatively speaking.
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    At What Point Is Vaccine Declared A Failure

    Much of my family, both immediate and extended, have had Covid and recovered. We are a mixture of vaccinated and unvaccinated. It hasn’t made a difference. Many of my friends and co-workers have had Covid and recovered, also a mixture of vaccinated and unvaccinated. It hasn’t made a difference...
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    Never Fired Remington 700 BDL Custom Deluxe 7mm Remington Magnum-Local Sale Only

    This gun has been a safe Queen from day one as I figured some day I would use it to hunt out west, but at this point in life, I realize I will likely never need this gun. It’s never been fired, and never had any optics mounted to it. I am located in the Manitowoc/Two Rivers area of Wisconsin...
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    I went to Canada this weekend.

    Open to the unvaccinated?
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    Dems pushing for legalization of marijuana.

    Maybe they did start with alcohol and cigs, but before making the leap to hard drugs, I don’t know if I’ve ever spoken with a hard drug user that didn’t first use marijuana for a while. I’ve been speaking with drug users and drug dealers on a regular basis for 30 straight years and I’m just...
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    Dems pushing for legalization of marijuana.

    Not every marijuana smoker will start using hard drugs, but every hard drugs drug user started with marijuana….not my original quote, but a quote I’ve found fairly accurate.
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    Can Trump beat Biden in 2024?

    I don’t think it will be Biden running for the democrats. Not sure who they will run, but it won’t be him; that’s my prediction. The problem with Trump, and I voted for him twice and will do so again if need be, is that half the country still hates his guts, and therefore will still vote for...
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    Do you like sauerkraut ?

    Not only no, but f no
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    Kayak blind picture with BlindGrass

    Just to clarify, my blind is made by Nucanoe for my Nucanoe kayak, it is not a Blindgrass company-made blind. No reason for Blindgrass to issue the kind of warning you have referenced. This past fall is the first time I used the blind and Blindgrass material, and only for a week, but I will no...
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    Kayak blind picture with BlindGrass

    The blind grass material seems like a sort of plastic to me, and although of course it will get wet or get ice on it, the material doesn’t appear to get waterlogged or soaked, and doesn’t seem to get heavier just because it’s wet. I’ve hunted it in a cold rain but not an ice storm, but it would...
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    I hope to retire in four years. If you need an extra fishery manager for two or three days in the spring, and don’t mind casting a line with another retired pig, I’d gladly come down from Wisconsin for a crack at those super dog magnum crappie.
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    Kayak blind picture with BlindGrass

    I only hunted for a week in North Dakota. There isn’t exactly a lot of typical marsh grass and cattails spread out over the open water of the sloughs where we hunt, and the cover is mostly right on the shorelines. For that reason we just dragged out boats onto the shorelines into the cover, and...
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    Do we stay….or do we GO now?

    If people have to flee the United States, their lives on this earth are finished as they know it, because there is no where else to go once the USA comes apart. There has never been a nation as great as ours, and there will never be another as great as ours….that’s why I get so angry at today’s...
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    Just think if Hitler had been able to threaten the World with nukes like Putin has.

    Well, since we are currently watching the methodical butchering of hundreds, if not thousands of innocent civilians, including women and children, without directly engaging the barbarians doing it because we are too fearful of the remote possibility of them using nukes, then yes, we surely would...
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    At What Gas Price Will You Cancel Your Trips

    I usually take one annual trip of significant distance to hunt waterfowl and/or upland birds, which probably involves about 2000 miles or so of total driving. I figure fuel costs alone will run $400-$500 if gas doesn’t go up beyond what it’s at right now, which is doubtful. That’s a pretty stiff...

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