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  1. Montauker

    Bryan, This is a community, be it online, but still a community. Like it or not, you're new around these parts. Sometimes it best to just let the marsh settle before you start thrashing about. I buy 4-5 calls a year for my own collection, and am in a position to help you at a major waterfowl...
  2. Montauker

    Building credit

    Just a good habit is to check your credit at least quarterly if not monthly. It is a good security habit. I had really very good credit 800+ for a long time then took a hit when an old credit card was reopened by the bank and they charged me an annual fee which I was unaware of and didn't pay...
  3. Montauker

    Favorite Eastern Shore Restaurant?

    I think I know the rest of that story....
  4. Montauker

    Favorite Eastern Shore Restaurant?

    Were you the guy who threw me out for riding the donkey through there while I was wearing nothing but a sombrero and white redball boots?
  5. Montauker

    Favorite Eastern Shore Restaurant?

    Old Salty's on a cold January Friday night
  6. Montauker

    Do you like sauerkraut ?

    That's best part.... Kraut, kielbasa, kapusta, pierogi, sausages.... yumms
  7. Montauker

    Off topic. Hot wiring the lid lock on a washer

    Youtube.... Seriously it will give you good instruction on how to bypass that control.
  8. Montauker

    Is Moving to Maryland a Horrible Idea?

    I went to school in Harrisonburg, and currently travel all over Virginia talking ducks and duck hunting. I also hunt the ESMD a bunch and have for 20+ years. My opinions below: If you stay: Get creative on waterfowling (float trips, swamps, small ponds) Take up fly fishing or other fresh...
  9. Montauker

    Fuge merc list

    I'll join from here. I have experience in using the internet to get female "refuges" out of the region and providing them with residence, food and jewelry.
  10. Montauker

    So sad . . .

    Walking the dog this morning saw a fairly large group honking away high high up. I have a feeling this weekend is gonna be the exodus.
  11. Montauker

    So sad . . .

    Flying heavy here tonight. All migrating north.
  12. Montauker

    Midwinter Survey

    I wonder if the pintail and teal numbers are indicative of the mild conditions. I seem to recall that our cold snap didn't happen until a little bit after the mid-winter timeframe.
  13. Montauker

    The Feds should implement duck stamp licenses / fees for G&Os

    I understand that waterfowl are migratory, however I'm not in favor of a federal mandate rather than individual states deciding what is best in their states.
  14. Montauker

    Avian X’s on Sale

    I hope you're happy... you just cost me another $139.89 bucks
  15. Montauker

    Avian X’s on Sale

    @PorkChop Admittedly, I was being snarky. I too have been disappointed in the "sales" flyers of late. Just fully looked at the Wing Supply deals and bought a dozen, free shipping and about $30 total savings over Rogers. I'll explain that savings to my wife when said decoys arrive.
  16. Montauker

    Avian X’s on Sale

    After you add in shipping from WS I think Rogers is still lower.... Just saying
  17. Montauker

    Worth anything or toss em?

    55 to 65 a piece.
  18. Montauker

    So who made it through without getting Wuhan virus?

    This thread makes me think that "reaction score" may be tied to immunity.

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