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    2021-2022 Waterfowl Reports

    If anyone is in the North Platte to Brady area ? Is the river still locked up tight with ice ? also channel 4 south of I-80? Thanks in advance, I’d scout myself but I’m several hours away at the moment.
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    2020 - 2021 Waterfowl Reports

    I hear you... i'm going to wait a week and hopefully the weather stirs things up, thanks for the info
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    2020 - 2021 Waterfowl Reports

    Any reports from North Platte to Gothenburg ?Would be helpful I have some areas I can hunt. Haven’t been there since before Christmas it’s a bit of a drive from the east side of the state. Hunting was dismal the few days I was there in December. Wanting to get in a few more days before duck...