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  1. drahthaarducker

    New State Park to Open

    I guess the Governor has other plans
  2. drahthaarducker

    April fools…. Right?

    Sounds a lot better!, these are the trials that make us reevaluate life
  3. drahthaarducker

    I don't eat that anymore!!

    Vienna Sausages on saltine crackers was a staple in my old duck boat. I haven't had them in probably 10 years or more
  4. drahthaarducker

    Prayer Request

    Prayers work
  5. drahthaarducker

    Is your wife an expert?

    Yep expert on everything. Nothing like sitting back and watching an epic fail.... but it's still my fault
  6. drahthaarducker

    Decoy cart

    Look at Marsh Mule. I'm looking at the 3 wheeler
  7. drahthaarducker


    I have a filson wool vest too. It's very warm more like hot but Its more for wearing around town. It really never gets what I call " Cold" around here , but if I ever moved to a cold climate I'd buy one on a heart beat for layering with my hunting clothes
  8. drahthaarducker

    Excited to be here

    I wish you success, welcome.
  9. drahthaarducker

    Happy Birthday Spec...

    Happy birthday young man !
  10. drahthaarducker


    Old school down vest, cool for old guys
  11. drahthaarducker

    While Attending Your Kid’s Games

    I guess I was lucky, all the parents knew all the kids and we were really into their games
  12. drahthaarducker

    Will Vicky White be found?

    Let's try to keep this off the open forums
  13. drahthaarducker

    Will Vicky White be found?

    My girlfriend is retired from Department of Corrections, she said those relationships are very common
  14. drahthaarducker

    Scam centers in India

    I was on a new travel assignment out of the Santa Barbara office and unfamiliar with the phone#'s and contact practices of the local MD's. I was with a patient and received multiple phone calls from the same number. Thinking I had missed a phone call from a local MD I called the # back when...
  15. drahthaarducker

    Happy Birthday Pete Arnold - OFH

    Happy birthday
  16. drahthaarducker

    Will Vicky White be found?

    My guess is they have changed their looks again
  17. drahthaarducker

    Living next to your kid? RIGHT next door???? Positives? Negatives? etc???

    I'm currently recuperating at my girlfriend's house. Her son and his family are moving back this summer and will be staying with us . I'll give an honest answer in about 2 months.
  18. drahthaarducker

    What are your current outdoor activities?

    Walking, I'm up to 4 miles now. It's hard to believe 2 months ago I was training for my upcoming 1/2 marathon's.
  19. drahthaarducker

    Do you know a lady named Rikki?

    Rikki told me she had the number along with several other important papers in a black trash bag but it blew out of her pickup truck bed somewhere in Kansas..
  20. drahthaarducker

    There is a garbage bag stuck in a tree in my yard

    I'm very disappointed, that was going to be one of my stops on the way to the shindig this year.